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Artist: Cappadonna f/ KMC
Album:  The Cappatilize Project
Song:   Wanted
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: KMC (Cappadonna)]
Remix (Cappadonna, KMC, Wu-Tang, wanted down in Jamaica)
Wu-Tang, here it is

Pass me clothes, jump on a beewee
Playing on my guard, on the yard
And the caddy bout it, front of me
Want twenty five dollars, I'm robbed
But I'm rich, bout the Trinidad, ya'll can look on
Me want my movement on the art
Jamaican pool, is all up me up
Physician me want bumbaclot, know

[Chorus 4X: KMC]
I'm wanted (wanted) wanted (wanted)
Wanted in Jamaica

I'm wanted for a crime that I didn't commit
Wu-Tang Clan, we never submit
Throw away the guns, empty the clips
It just like Jamaica, down in the Bricks
Gun man move, we don't take no shit
New kind of gun, we exercise it
Snake like a silent ninja, get cash
Go hard, pull heat for the legal tender
Bad boy movement, never surrender
Police go wild, whenever we enter
We in here like power guard center
Cappadonna, KMC
Swiss vans up, duck the po-e
In Jamaica, keep it low d
Feds come around, tell 'em you don't know me
You don't know me, you don't know me

[Chorus 4X]

You says I pull on the boy, them throw 'em my up
Get the gun, blood fire, from all the bluff
All the killy killy boy, them come bumbaclot
Beenie Man, gon ponder de bumbaclot
As KMC, said he want bumbaclot
Police want to lock me up for bumbaclot
Said me all up in the jets at the bumbaclot
Boy, I cuff me on lock, boy
Beenie Man, you coulda tell me
Bounty Killer could of warned me
Weed mash, oh boy, you could of showed me
I would of never disrespect the country
Look after me, come off the stage
The whole media going in a rage
Police want me, locked up in a cage
Know me, I be in a new page

[Chorus 4X]

[Outro: Cappadonna]
Yeah, man, Cappadonna, KMC
Wanted, in Jamaica, Wu-Tang Clan
Killa Beez on the swarm
This is how we do it, we mix it up to get it popping
Police not catch us, wanted in America, want