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Artist: Cappadonna
Album:  My Clan, My Clan / Hard Muzik EP
Song:   Hard Muzik
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Uh-huh, yeah, check it out
Staten Isle in the building
Park Hill, get it on, Stapleton stack it up
Body Brighton, Now Born, Jungle Nilz
Let's get this

Aiyo, I'm Staten Island's best, kid, fuck the rest
Yo, I slam over tracks like Kurupt and Treach
Most of ya'll niggas who sex, can't fuck with me
Used to be my enemies, now you stuck with me
Straight project nigga, and believe me, son
Duke if I don't get no bigger, Park Hill holding it down
Hard, pull that trigger, yo Seven, call Meth
Tell 'em my darts is hot, only put me on the album next time he drop
Guaranteed to make sells, I ain't making him flop
Timbos and fatigues, niggas, I ain't change
Yo, I'm down in Baltimore, where the'll blow out your brains
We closer to DC, but we don't hop no trains
My nigga Black be in Salem with the murderer thangs
Yo, Benz, hold plenty of bags, we do our shit
If I'm not the studio, then I'm out in the strip
Trying to get in the club on the old special guest tip
Me and the kid Dust, five sing in the mix
All my thugs make money, keep fucking the chicks
Wanna get our life together but we stuck in the bricks
Little kids running around, clutching they fifths
My dogs sling dope, my brother used to sell soap, it's hard to cope
These streets flooded with hate, where's the hope
I might slump one of these niggas, I'm going for broke

[Chorus 2X: Cappadonna]
This is more hard music, the kind you like
The shit you wake up in the morning, and go to sleep with at night
With a shorty under the arm, holding her tight
Get 'em, get 'em

Let me in, niggas make way, nice work and gunplay
Weed or rocks, yo, I chill with my doola ratchet listen to Lox
At the Street Flavor store, just a couple of blocks
Right off Hartford Road, can't wait til my baboons explode
Kick in the door, it's brick in the wall, fuck ya'll, cuz we taking it all
Got you now, you a snake in the fog
A real slut in the summer, and a nigga like me
Yeah, I'm still that wanna, Jay to the three up
Fuck sucker MC's, this shit is my career
I hold your girl titties like a fucking affair
While I spit flames and ya'll niggas burn ya ear
Keep on talking that shit, I act like I don't care
Then when you think I forgot, nigga, I catch you out there
So chill, baby, watch out, for real, save me a park
I got blunts, nigga, save me a spark
Hasheesh in the night time, baby, it's dark

[Chorus 2X]