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Artist: Cappadonna f/ G-Clef Da Mad Komposa
Album:  Slang Prostitution
Song:   Grungy
Typed by: pneumatic, Cno Evil

Yo, Check it out yall, Yeah
And you don't quit, Yeah, I keep rocking on
Keep rocking that shit till the crowd is gone
Poppi Wardrobe King, The suits and ties
The connect down in Baltimore, Pounds and pies
Bids in the city jail, Plus the state bids
Child support wars, Crazy kids
Cab driver with the black Range, Better Life nigga
Theodore Unit, Down with Trife nigga
You might see me in the hood chilling with a white nigga
Pushing something big with a tight insignia
I'm a Wu-Tang reject, Special Ed with the pen
Tore Tokyo down, Got my yen
Disappear off albums and I fade off pictures
Always getting stuck with these stink ass bitches
Mad styles, Niggas is jealous
Jumping all on my dick like a frank with relish
I bleed pellets, Spit sperattic
Crack a nigga cabbage open, Leave you stroke'n on the mic
Darts lop sided and broken, Niggas is Hoboken
Soho, Hoiten, Skimahorns at the top of they head
I'm the last one to get that bread
Jay Bird, Bags of herb, Coke, Crack, Dust
Back of the bus, Back out of the cuffs
Back in your wifie's butt
Six-three ACG's, Valorís and stuff
Keep grinding til my head hurts, Tours is ruff
Whores never get enough of the team
You better protect that neck motherfucker when you get that CREAM

[Chorus: Cappadonna]
Ayo, My turban is tight like, Selassie I the first
Better yet like Sizzler Calungy
I grab the mics and then I bungy
A lot of yall niggas aint grungy

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa]
One, Two, Yo Cap my style is crusty, Like Sicilian pie square sliced
Understanding Power God Muslim, Son I'm nice
I left my kufi in your cab, Here's your turban
This is my philosophy like I sample Weldon Irving
Rappers know that wack compared to King Solomon
Not grundy, I more grungy then an age infected dungy
All we got in common, Venus, Birth, And methodology
Giving all you dumb thugs a model for your psychology
World traveler, Cryptic script unraveler
The predictor, A Psalmist, A dead rapper embalmist
Joe Cotton, My tongue's symbolic to a dagger
Jay Bird you built a house that sheltered many of swagger
A lot of these cats they lack the pain in they voice
The fuck you been through, Yeah I was homeless, And Planetless
But never ever poemless, Or talentless
I made a compact with God to expose your cowardness