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Artist: Cappadonna f/ King Just, Lounge Lo, Mega Don
Album:  Slang Prostitution
Song:   Pistachio
Typed by: pneumatic, Cno Evil

I was born on a sunny day, Birds chirping
The doctors putting they work in
I arrived during hard times most certain
Grateful never hateful, I don't have to debate with you
I brought this to get you back in the groove
This one is for the Arabics and the Jews
Listen to my song, Slang Terra-Don
Show em how to be strong, Never stay in the wrong
A doctrine to hold your towel tight
I speak light, Never speak white, I'm from the project
If you don't live there you don't know what it's like
Where I come from these streets don't give a fuck about you
Stay low, Get your own paper, Absorb the elements
Remain calm and intelligent, Come on God, That shit is irrelevant
My mind build escalators inside of your head like television
Hella vision, I could feed you with the street shit
Our niggas get hit with the heat quick, The beef is thick
He got hit with the police sticks, Reach for the splif
Before he went down he peeped on his kicks

[Chorus: Cappadonna, (Lounge Lo), {Mega Don}, "King Just"]
We write lyrics (that the streets like)
{We don't come with that bullshit}
"Cause yall niggas thinking it's right."

[Lounge Lo]
Life's a struggle, To me it's like ohh God
And I'm tryna live in a place we know it's so hard
I reminisce on birthdays and old cars
And tell Momma I love her whenever I go far
I set my kids like, Daddy be back soon
And if it go well then the stacks'll be back soon
Spread love to fam cause your friends won't do it
Gotta go, Stay on your roll, Go out and pursue it
You damn right I wanna see Alvin do it
And sugar-booger-daddy watching you so you better get to it
And realize what we're living for, And the stakes is high
Your young, But we all need cake to get by
So listen up to what your Momma say, But make your own facts
Go and tell your brothers Daddy did a song with Uncle Cap
Rocky and Kim, Lama I love yall
And nothing till the day I die is ever above yall

[Mega Don]
I done got money with some of the richest niggas
But the feds turn killas into bitch ass niggas
You know, Sit up on the stand, Star witness niggas
Run off at the lips, Sam the Bull ass niggas
It was all good just a week my niggas
I remember the days we clapped heat my niggas
And to think, I even took a bid for niggas
Loaded forty glock, Half a brick for niggas
First time felon for the clique for niggas
And this the thanks I get, Bullshit my niggas
I did it all, I would've even died for niggas
It hurts my heart, Sometimes I wanna cry my niggas
With these words, We might even spread apart
But this dart, I'm pouring out my motherfucking heart
At the end of the day, I truly love you my nigga
But today, Mega Don, I'm no longer a nigga

[King Just]
Leave me alone, Yall niggas don't know me
I'ma kill yall niggas, I do my dirt upon my lonely
Slim, Skinny, And boney, One with the Stonies
Paid my dues so yall niggas own me
School kicked out for pissing in the staircase
School of hard knocks got caught for selling hard base
Who you think helped them wash their money
They left their man behind enemy lines, All hungry
The winter war was for sure, I live next door
Bullets spit, Hit the bricks, Ricocheted, We laid on the floor
I could've sworn my deal was gonna feed the hood
And me and my baby Mommas was gone be good
Antwon my baby boby, Ason my pride and joy
Coshy Moshy you my Heavens to Merca Troy
Don Kinish, Mr. Brick, I will murk your boy
Cause these starving artists the hardest, I stay unemployed.

[Chorus 6x]