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Artist: Cappadonna f/ Lounge Lo
Album:  Slang Prostitution
Song:   Somebody's Got to Go
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna (Lounge Lo)]
I'll break that nigga face in, right there
(I'm listening) Right there at the wrinkle
(Who over there?) Yeah, this is the body snatchers
(Buddha, get him, man) Invasion, slang gargoyles
(Right right) Nigga, we eat tracks for a living
(Tell him again, Don) The beats ananymous
Ya'll niggas is taking up space, straight up
Snatching one of ya'll niggas up from the background
Drag you over there, to one of the movie sets
The new movies that's out right now, with the fucking...
People on the juggle, straight up and down

Aiyo, my thoughts jump around like a dog in a river
The heat I deliver, the beat, I get rid of
To send him, I hit 'em when I'mma getter
The fat rhyme spitter, heavy with the flow
Somebody got to go, somebody got to know
I blow a mic, flow's are getting closer
Caught up in the ponder rosa, chrome toaster
Five broker, face poker
African rice, fish head, a little ocra
I get folker, Staten Oprah, CD poster
He's a vulture, knowledge culture
Eat kosher, end of the day, do what I'm 'posed ta
Somebody got to go I get closer, the show roaster
Lounge'll rope ya, Stone Gang niggas'll smoke ya
Somebody gotta gosta!

[Chorus: sample]
Somebody's got to go
Somebody's got to go
I can't stand this jive no longer
Somebody's, somebody's
Somebody's got to go

Somebody gotta go, I spit flow
That shit that make you wanna get dough
If I don't sell rap, I pitch snow
Ya chick slow, might see Don with a thick ho
My click come you better be out
T.C. out, break bread, hustle and pop lead
Throw darts, come off the head, break bread
Park Heeze, get greasy, we doin it easy
Brains in the 5 yeah they always please me
Try but can't freeze me, I'm too hot for MTV
Burn ya TV, niggas cee me as P-I
Double L-A-G-E, my dogs go hard
Chicks give me head, B!


Incredible flows, athletical blows
ACG's on my feet, supply heat
Fry beefs, all my guys eat
We in here, Chambermusik take your cream
Honor Management, live your dream
Somebody got to go - get that steam
Clear the block off, run fast, hold your bean
Raw scene, our life's like a movie screen
Rated R, hood superstars, great green in jars
The streets is ours, we beating the odds
Roll out, heat in da cars, from deep in the garage
Put beef in the broadz, put skeet in they bras
Me and my man, yo, we just cheating the laws