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Artist: Cappadonna f/ Lounge Lo
Album:  Slang Prostitution
Song:   That Staten Island Shit
Typed by: pneumatic, Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Yo, Check it out man
All yall dudes, And all yall chicks
Pay that money at the door, Getting searched
Don't try to place the razor under the sneaker
Don't try to put that gun up in your wig yo
Cause I can see you, Diglah, Yo, Check it out
Up in the club like what
You know what it is man, Me and my whole clique, Yo

[Chorus: Lounge Lo]
It's that club type shit, That make you nice
It's that Henny in that cup without that juice and ice
It's that gang banger shit, That make you bleed
This that Staten Island shit, Yo that smack a weave

Ayo, All in the club like what, Balling it up
Bebe Con Dunks, Strut when I step in the cut
Got my eyes on honeys and I'm feeling they stuff
Me and my man Luck Star yo we back in effect
Got them hard ass beats like we packing a tech
And everybody in the joint steady breaking they neck
Got thugs in the back mixing greens with wet
Moe spilling on my clothes and the party is set
I go for real all night til the sun start to rise
And I'm back on the block again flipping them pies
Me and my man Luck Star bagging all of the chicks
While they getting they eagle on yo we hop on they tits
Make em lean back some more on they can hop on the stick
And nobody can stop us, We caught in the mix
Got that fresh gear on like we caught in the flicks
Grab sweeties by the waistline, Rubbing our shit
Come on tell me that you like my moves
Go baby girl, Tell me how you like my grooves
Got baggy jeans on with my Timberland shoes
Ride honeys from the back and they loving the cruise
Step right to my business, Any shorty I choose
Put it all up in her dress with she shake in her shoes
Me and my man Luck Star stay thug'n em out
Kiss em while they on the dance floor yall
Straight bug'n em out
Got haters on the sideline, Cussing em out
Can't wait to get em home, Start bust'n em out
If they don't wanna act right, Start smut'n em out
Make em drink more Henny, Start gut'n em out
Rock a big fat chain, King Tut in the house
You can't knock Don, That's what the hustle about


I need a chick that can shake her ass, She know how to move
Got plenty of cash, Got the glow like Stacey Dash
In the buggy eyed Benz, Keep a glock in the stash
Rock Perry Ellis, Liz Claiborne slacks
With a body like Eve and her ass is fat
Always down for a nigga, Never giving it up
You know her stuff stay tight while we living it up
Take trips out to Paris yo, Sip'n it up
Dine at the ill spots, Yo we tip'n it up
I take two or three chicks, Not giving a fuck
Call little clay waist, Start pack'n the truck
It's like that, Take a cruise and I'll be right back
All the chicks on the block wanna know where I'm at
I like em classy, All the way down to hood rat
With your Timberland boots on, Scarf to match
Army fatigue with your tight jeans, Face is means
Getting the type of chick tryna make my Queen
And it really don't matter to me
Cause I'm looking at your ass and that shit got fatter to me


[Outro: Cappadonna]
Yo, Throw me that four-four
Booger Foot City