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Artist: Cappadonna
Album:  Slang Prostitution
Song:   You Can't Keep a Good Man Down, Pt. 2
Typed by: pneumatic, Cno Evil

You can't keep a good man down
Don't force my hand, It's the original black man
The spies are rejected, I came through when my life was hectic
God raised me up though, Brought me through a tuff time
I couldn't put it in rhymes
I was coked up and weeded, I travel with the heaters
I was being seduced by all of these spiritual readers
Looking into my future, Tryna stop my shine
Eating from the forbidden trees, They was after my mind
But the burden wasn't heavy enough
To many dudes kept passing me dust
My ex-wife, Cutting up chickens, Rituals in the graveyard
Didn't have no effect on me cause I was walking with God
Warlocks and feminims, Tryna keep me away from Lounge and Kim and them
Knowing that my family tree
Will give me strength when the Devil try to drop his G
Got me caught up in a circle of fire
Momma told me that the Devil was a lier
So I smoke more weed and I started to get higher
I gave up all of my possessions and all of my attire
I fasted, And I become more closer with the Messiah
At the same time, These Devils try to keep me blind
Thinking I forgot about Christmas time
Like they was nimrod, And had my balls hanging on a branch
On some Santa Claus shit they invaded my ranch
Looking at me all dumb like I'm an ordinary lamb
But I'm a sheep in a green pasture, I see past ya
I stopped, And I took a look at the slave and his master