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Artist: Cappadonna f/ Lounge Mode 
Album:  The Struggle 
Song:   Season of Da' Vick 
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyricz.Com 

[Intro: Cappadonna] 
Season of Da' Vick... 

Aiyo, Tim and 'em, yeah Tim from Down South 
Came to see what ya'll niggas, was talkin' about 
So yo, stop all the ego trippin' 
Tim put the clip inside the automatic, four-fifth it 
The analog rapper start riftin' 
Tim maneuvered up closer like Scott Pippen 
Look at the analog rappers eyes, water start drippin' 
Two cherry head niggas on the side bitchin' 
Three chicks walked across the street switchin' 
You heard the crank of a car key in the ignition 
Don' came around the block with the deep dish in 
This kid ran right in front of my whip, I stop dippin' 
Runnin' fast like in a flick, he start slippin' 
I ducked down slowly cuz I heard shorts rippin' (bong bong) 
Big Tim and 'em from Down South was flippin' 

[Interlude: Cappadonna] 
Yo, yo, what the fuck is goin' on? 
Season of Da' Vick, season of Da' Vick... 
The streets is still watching... 

I'm a off the meat rack nigga, seat back nigga 
You know my dog, too, he a heat pack nigga 
Heat clap nigga, Wu-Tang Clan get the street back nigga 
We came that liquor 
Weed, digi and cars we just that particular 
Put down ya darts it the extracurricular 
Poppy Wardrobe King, I'm thinkin' bout stickin' ya 
Wherever ya ho be at, I'mma stick my dick in her 
Bust ya guns off if you love how I'm gettin' ya 
Bump this shit in ya chromed out vehicular 
Me and my force, we gettin' nothin' but redicular 
Fuck Beans, none of ya'll niggas can get with us 

[Lounge Mode] 
Yo, I smoke weed, hit broads and like brains 
Like guns, like M-1s and nice change 
When you see me, respect my jeans, respect my name 
Lounge Lo, respect the Lo, respect the bang 
See me in the street with the heat, respect my pain 
Park Hill cats in the back, respect my gang 
And I was brought up to, respect my elders 
Respect Miss Martha and respect Miss Felder 
A little kid, Mr. Big, respect the gig 
Respect my moms and respect my kids 
Cuz if you don't, then I got to disrespect ya crib 
And have me doin' hect', come and tech ya wig 
Now when I touchdown and bust down that dutch to smoke 
'Cross the street in the two-seat with platinum spokes 
Bandana on my wrists, but I ain't claimin' no set 
Got mad sets to lay without goin' for broke 
I bust the heat, travel on the bust when I creep 
Cop that yae shit and come down, I'm back on the street 
Feelin' the vibe, fuckin' with Lounge, I'll kill for five 
And if you'se a bad boy, I'm killin' ya pride 
Two in the five, push like eight in ya side 
Stuff ya body in the truck and take ya ass for a ride, nigga 

[Outro: Cappadonna] 
Yo, yo, fuck is goin' on? 
Season of Da' Vick, season of Da' Vick... 
Season of Da' Vick, season of Da' Vick... 
Yeah, muthafucka...