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Artist: Cappadonna
Album:  The Struggle
Song:   Show
Typed by: Cno Evil

Aiyo, I went uptown in the middle of May
I seen a young lady, she was coming my way
I tipped my hat, I said "How do you do?
You looking mighty good in that white and blue"
She said "Damn, Cap, you looking good yourself
I wouldn't wanna be with nobody else"
She had a, nice smile, pretty complexion
But all she needed was a little affection
So I grabbed her hand and said "come home with me
We could go to my house, and watch some TV"
But when we got to my house, we slouched on the couch
Next thing you know, I had my tongue in her mouth
Hold up, hold up, hold up... hold up, hold up...
Now... now... hold up...
We had sex, right, all due respect
She sent me to the store to buy some Kotex
Hold up... I said, "Hey, baby girl, what would you have?
Stay Fresh and Freee or just Maxi Pads"
Get 'em...