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Artist: Ca$h Out f/ Rich Homie Quan
Album:  Let's Get It
Song:   Cookin It Up
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Ca$h Out]
I get money, 50 hundreds
Diamonds shinin', now you want me
I'm cookin' onions
I'm cookin' it up, I'm cookin' it up, I'm cookin' it up
I'm cookin' it up, I'm cookin' it up, I'm cookin' it up

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
I'm cookin' it up, Rich Homie Quan gettin' money
Promoters keep bookin' me up
Can't remember last time I was off on a sunday
They on YouTube lookin' me up, tell VMI keep the checks comin'
Now a young nigga livin' it up, I remember I didn't have nothin'
Me just goin' crazy, nigga gettin' lazy, still in the kitchen whippin' it up
Talkin' bout feelings, Rich Homie don't give a fuck
Walk around, pants saggin' with that pistol tucked
That's your girl? Come and get her 'fore I woof woof, Mystikal
Diamonds, they crystal clear, ridin' in these brand new cars
Flyin' in that private Lear, straight from the highway
I'm gon' say how it feel, cash out if I want it
Fuck a record deal, Ca$h Out, what you told 'em?


[Verse 2: Ca$h Out]
Catch me on a beach, lookin' like a ki
Smellin' like a ki, I know you watchin' me
She like "Put your cock in me", I'm gettin' broccoli
Choppin' the bricks like a rooster
You step on the bricks, I got 'Licia Keys
We servin', we servin', we servin'
I get yo' girlfriend, you know that she twerkin'
She got that sloppy toppy, we call it Slurpee
I feel like 2Pac, everywhere I go, I'm shirtless, hah-hah
Cook it up, cook it up, cook it up
Google me, Google me, look me up
Bitches tryna figure out my net worth
I'm tryna figure out how that neck work