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Artist: Casual
Album:  Fear Itself
Song:   I Didn't Mean To
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[Verse One]
Alright I might
Have had a little glare when I stared at ya ho
But I didn't know she was like that
She stared right back
My niggaz was warnin me that she was comin' on to me
I react like a mack do I act cool
Just to test her cause I ain't no jester
I suggest her and her friend be outtie
Because I don't want to make my pal get rowdy
And doubt me our friendship
But when lips touch
I go crazy in the clutch
Sorta like schitzo I forgets my bros and pals over gals
I didn't mean to but when you fiend you do
Strange things for the denim no matter who's in em
Grab a flooze then I'm in traffic
Don't laugh it might be your girl that I'm talkin about
I didn't mean to

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
It ain't my fault that your girl got caught
It ain't my fault that your girl got caught (I didn't mean to)

[Verse Two]
Another incident when I went
Way beyond what I should of done
John should of stopped before them drawers dropped
But I didn't ain't no quittin
Really didn't care who's girl I was hittin
I admit skinz ain't a reason to lose friends
But then again I didn't know, sorry
Accept apologies and live on
Are we goin hold grudges well oh fudge
Its a new year and I do fear
Ya actions ya actin shy
I mean ya need to be smackin
That hoe
Instead of tryin to front on me ya know
Thats exactly how I'm goin to be ya know
I run my game on any G ya know
Cause we the most entertainin
I meant to blame women
For makin me do what the Ak seem to
When you call I screen you
Sorry I didn't mean to


[Verse Three]
Why do hoes be schemin', dreamin'
Actin' like demons
My semen don't give a fuck
Because they beat skins
To many girls front cute
When they want loot
They tell lies the swell guys
Can peep it and thats weak shit
Thats why I run game on every freak I get
Born in Oakland grew up pumpin Too $hort
I know the rules on the flooze so who's short
I once had a dutch ho who smoked blunts yo
She tried to get me so I looked at the front door
And now shes not with me so forget it
But every once in a while I'll hit it
And it happened to be your girl
I didn't mean to intervene through
Your relationship and I hate dumb dips
But I really can't trip when they ride my tip
I didn't mean to