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Artist: Cesar Comanche f/ Darien Brockington, Phonte
Album:  The Squirrel and the Aces
Song:   The Life
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I came from the bottom of the barrel 
No name brands, no logo's on my apparel
Played out like a Blue Note, just ask Harold
Hard times and then some
A broken home, with a fixed income
Until I started puttin' words together
Adjectives and verbs together, and put them to beats
Records labels hear my sounds, say me shit sounds sweet
And so they throw me on the road for a couple of weeks
So the world can hear my devilish raps
California, New York, New Orleans, Philly, Texan and back
The delicate fact
Is that they show me all these chicks and doe
And I ain't never had this shit before
So I'm wildin', snortin', smokin' cancer sticks
And fuckin' these groupie hoes every chance I get
Supermodels, gettin' next to them
And catchin' ease ass from white broads cause that's safe sex to them
Now I
Travel the world and my records been played
And people tellin' me, that hip hop's been saved
And on the
Finest of linen's my head's been laid
But I get home and find none of my bills been paid?!
And that's part of the game, you gotta respect it
Niggas don't see the lights, till it's disconnected
And that can have a sobering effect
It's the rap life
But nigga, that shit can all be over in a sec
Better live it