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Artist: Cha Cha f/ Jim Crow, Juvenile, Trick Daddy
Album:  Dear Diary
Song:   It's Like That
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[Trick Daddy]
I just hope y'all niggas know
That when it's time that you niggas gotta be ready for war
You niggas gotta be prepared
You niggas gotta know that I'm serious about this shit
I'mma run 'em down, nigga

I've done been used, abused, and accused of things that ain't true
And been told some shit about some things that ain't even new
But what I done heard is true, I know y'all done heard it too
Been saying shit like Trick run hit from a bird or two
And y'all claiming that I'm the man
I got these banging ass bitches standing around with their hands out
Word is on the streets is that a nigga like me
Done went from jack boy from dope boy in less than a week
See I got more snitches and bitches than my clique ever saw
And I hang with crooked ass judges, lawyers, cops, and robbers
I wish I had a block of that shit
I give my block to my chick
And set up shop in this bitch
I wish I meant a country bitch from a hick town and I
Send her to get a table and break a whole half of brick down
Y'all niggas know it cost money to go to war
And I know a couple niggas with a couple of millions to blow, it's on

1 - [Jim Crow]
      It's on, just stay calm
      We ain't bullshittin' nigga we droppin' bombs
      Uhh it's like that
      Ain't done right the first time we coming back
      It's on, just stay calm
      We ain't bullshittin' nigga we droppin' bombs
      Uhh it's like that
      Ain't done right the first time we coming back

[Jim Crow]
Ha, Cha Cha
We got the hoes in a headlock now Cha
A new millennium baby
Make 'em bounce, make 'em bounce

[Cha Cha]
Where can I start cause baby girl ain't go no ghetto tales
I'd rather tell how good the leather smell in the SL
That was eleventh and twelfth
Been ahead of myself
So these broads been trying to ride before accepted this wealth
Wasn't born with silver spoons
Seen plenty of silver moons
Sat in mid June on the beaches of Cancun
And that was just family trips
Ride in grip family whips
Now it's my own candy six, nigga you ain't hand me this
So what you beefin' this?
Believe me this
I'll have you on your knees for this
Just pleading the fifth
You acting real displeased with this, fatigued a bit?
You're messing with this seasoned chick
That'll leave ya sick
Take it all, y'all won't be needing
Call her six, no let mommy hold the keys to this
Don't even trip you know we like two peas in this
Breathe evilness,
And we won't split until we even this
Deceitfulness, where it's at, yeah

Repeat 1

I just come up with money from busting heads
And niggas I fuck with just got out of the feds
My paper done got scraped
So naw cool relax
Yo Juve what you doing?
Look I'm just chilling to the max
My niggas already left me and they ain't coming back
I look like a drug dealer
They think I'm selling crack
If the motherfuckin' money ain't right
I ain't handling it
Nigga I don't wanna talk to you so stop mouthing
Can't you see that Juve 'bout his business boy?
Or do I have to put holes in your kidneys boy?
Straight up knock the bitch out
We'll pick the bitch up
Then get rough and duck, cut them, Cha is loose in the cut
Look that wouldn't happen to you if you'd mind her
And y'all been hustling, warning this is my turn
Fuck the press, fuck a tv, fuck a cd
When you got money come and see me

Repeat 1 (2x)