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Artist: Chali 2na f/ Talib Kweli
Album:  Fish Outta Water
Song:   Lock Shit Down
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[Chali 2na]
Lock shit DOWN!

We came to just do this for you
Sit back and just watch us bubble
We come with more heat than the sun do
Gorillas out of the concrete jungle
We came to just do this for you
Sit back and just watch us bubble
Gorillas out of the concrete jungle
We come with more heat -- lock shit DOWN!

[Chali 2na]
Yeah, of all secrets I'm the best kept
Making sure my first step is my best step
I watched my investments while the rest slept
and changed tools like the faders on the vest tecs
Yes, I'm a mile under the floor
with a swisha full of kush and a towel under the door
You remember me as the tallest one of the four
Every time you come and check out your boy he -- lock shit DOWN!
Yeah, hot like the tip of a blowtorch
Deliver a show horse with little or no force
This heavy but low voice making ladies go moist
Don't front, people killed off the joint, there's no choice
Huh, I'm running my mouthpiece
and I outreach to the power of devout speech
While you shall beef, screaming from your couch seat
We about heat and we come to -- lock shit DOWN!


[Chali 2na]
Yeah, second half of a double header
Tool of a trouble setter, here to make it bubble better
{?} bass sick as Barney Rumble's sweater
and I'm blowing like the coldest winter, Chicago weather
Hey, while you sweeter than plain cinnamon
My lyric venom in your vein, now your brain haemorrhaging
If you think that I'm insane, I'm a plain citizen
People call me by my name, I remain disciplined
Hey, a wicked sentence in a vicious blend
has more wealth than the wallets of the richest men
It's interesting, pay attention to what you witnessing
The love of the art form, not just a dividence
Yeah, all eyes on B
But please don't put them rumours and them lies on me
Cause I'm just clown to come with the fat sound
Chali 2na, Talib, and we come to -- lock shit DOWN!

[Talib Kweli]
In the concrete jungle, a wild animal
My stomach growling like Lions, it's understandable
Rappers will run right up on you and try to battle you
Quicker than a Cheetah run up on a Caribou
What up 2na? The Blacksmith is back with
the backflip flow and got the survival tactics
We crack it open like the seal on a package
Came with a message, we must retain the freshness
You lame and you plain depressing
Is this what the game is left with?
It's on homie, name the weapons
Soon as Mister International step in
You rapping irresponsible, irrational death wish
Get ready, I got enough, lyrics I be stocking up
In all suspense boy, you better lock it up
Is it live or what? We came to rock it now
Treat it like it's out of pocket -- lock shit DOWN!