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Artist: Chalie Boy
Album:  I'm Here
Song:   Deja Blue
Typed by: Lil Hustle
All natural, spring water...
Baby girl, I'll give you hell
I can beat it up, and make you swell
Long as you S-M-E-L-L, like water-errrrrr
How you want it, what you need
You can get broke off indeed
Long as you T-A-S-T-E, like water-errrrrr
Searching for that deja blue
Holla at me, if you got that deja blue
Trying to get that feeling, of deja blue
When I play with you
It feel like I'm in deja blue
[Chalie Boy]
Lady all sparkle, claim she go harder
This tall bottle of water, tell me choosing her smarter
Ms. Aquafina, holla she's a screamer
Fiji square, but she swear that she freaky like Adina (Adina)
Dasani tells me she's a biter, and this one told me invite her in
Because she full of vitamin
Another says my name is life, and I can upgrade ya
But none compare to you, cause you's a fool Ms. Deja
[Chalie Boy]
Is your walk full of confidence, your talk full of pride
Curvy frame make me melt, looking in your eyes
Persona of a diva, but you stay ready to ride
Cowgirl or shotgun, however I decide
You make your own money, stay about your bread
Scholar on your job, a gladiator in the bed
Dome blocker like the maid, with a reservoir 'tween your legs
Then I'm full speed ahead, mama I'ma make you spread
[Chalie Boy] 
(I'm ready), I'm thirsty
(I'm ready), so thirsty
(for you), rain on me
Let your water fall on me
(I'm ready), I ain't ashamed
(I'm ready), oh-ooooh
(for you), I'm thirsty babe
Let your water fall on me