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Artist: Chalie Boy
Album:  I'm Here
Song:   I'm Here
Typed by: Lil Hustle
Yeah, you know what it is
You in Mr. Rogers neighborhood nigga
Shit effect, party boy DJ, Dirty 3rd Records
In here with my nigga nigga, the Versatyle Child
AKA Chalie Boy, this is I'm Here the mixtape let's get it
[Chalie Boy]
I ain't a major label artist, but I do make that bread
Naw I don't trap, but I create crackheads
They fiending for the music, so I got's to serve
For that new wide body slab, I just got's to swerve
That new house on the hill tank, I deserve
Mama said it's there for the taking, I said I concur
Everybody gotta think your own way, can't lose my nerve
Stay on the route that I've been running about, bout my word
I ain't fly, I ain't grow up that way
Ery'body hollin' Chalie need to stunt, he'll blow up that way
Moe didn't and he earned cash, and throwed respect
Representer of Screwed Up Click, said bro you wreck
Few weeks before he passed, we at the Moe & Sadine's
Said when my label shit get done, me and you doing our thang
I'm hearing bout ya, don't believe what they put in your ear
Know I'm tal'n bout be yourself, stay in the clear
I stayed here, in my own zone focused on fam
Focused on life and security, not focused on glam
When I'm finally done with music, you gon' know where I am
On my fifty acre estate, you want a steak and lamb
See the man above, been good to me
That's why I look at life with open eyes, cause it's good to see
Went from nothing to something, into everything that you view
I thank my fam, but most of all I thank you
Cause I'm here, I ain't going nowhere
Doing my own thang, doing it my way
I'm here, I ain't going nowhere
And I'ma keep on doing, what I gotta do
Cause I'm here, I ain't going nowhere
I'ma keep on doing my thang
I'm here, I ain't going nowhere
And I'ma keep on doing, what I gotta do
[Chalie Boy]
I'm a lion, heart of a hustler mind nerdy
Shining for the name, hold it down for the Dirty
Was 305, but I done dropped around thirty
Yeah a big body bitch, recognize that I'm perty
Heavy set you think you wreck, go on place your bet
And I'll rapidly go off on ya, like a light heavy check
You don't wanna rumble with me, hands like a Cheve 'Vette
Got the power and the speed, my nigga I'm a deadly threat
Don't get me upset, and everything'll be kosher
Cross the line, me and your main dame'll be closer
Real respect real, you got game see being toast ya
Come at the big dog wrong, you lames'll be poster
Rise surprise, oh my god it's like magic
Bumping got the veins to your heart, clogged like traffic
Think me by my lonely, try to jump me hard habit
The click mob deeper, than that Prodigy and Havoc mayn
[Chalie Boy]
Fresh out the plastic, I'm so sure
My CD's like Frank Lucas, dope so pure
Infectious airborne flow, there's no cure
Getting money overseas, and I ain't did no tour
Rather have mo' money, mo' problems infure
Mo' bread you got, the mo' problems that you can endure
Cause and effect, see the family's secure
Cause I work hard and show ya, I'm the shit like maneur
Call me Big Freaky, like my homie Jamie Brewer
I like all sizes, from wide to the mule
Shorty thick fine and fast, I had to grey tape screw her
Act seditty, made her scream and holler Horton is a whore
I don't make videos and dance, but listen to em
Keep bumping my pen and boom, and thunder clap you to the moon
Clean sweep, I'll beat you with the back end of a broom
Call your mama, I'll slap box you back into the womb mayn
Cause I'm here, I ain't going nowhere
Cause I'm here, I ain't going nowhere