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Artist: Chalie Boy
Album:  I'm Here
Song:   Red Rover
Typed by: Lil Hustle
Red rover, red rover
Hey shawty, come on over
Walked passed, looking over your shoulder
Let my buy you a drink, get to know ya
So fly with it, so flashy
That attitude, so sassy
Couldn't let you pass me
Cause your curves, so nasty
Girl, what you gon' do with all that
Ay girl, what you gon' do with all that
Say girl, what you gon' do with all that
Ay girl, what you gon' do with all that
[Chalie Boy]
Ladi-dadi girl, you're the life of the party girl
What you drinking, cosmopolitans or kamikazes girl
The name's Chalie Boy, I'm searching for a Chalie girl
Trying to check your head, already know you got the body girl
Oh yeah you got me girl, the way you dip it low
You touching G6, these other chicks are barely G4
(calling you) like Silk shawty, let me know
If you coming over, to cheauffer it it'll G-O
[Chalie Boy]
Chocolate paradise, the queen in bonacle
Body so astronomical, they put em in the Chronicle
Deja and Anastasia, got a shaker
Red rover, you could come over and let me take ya
Home, to watch you Mumbada to reggaeton
Dancing seductively cracking rosay bottles, popping Patron
Presidential got em ready, the only thing left on
Are stilletos and a thong thong thong, yeaah
[Chalie Boy]
I'm liking all that, battle and fighting all that
Touch the shower freshen up, and I'll be biting all that
Hit the bed in force like soccer, I'm striking all that
Kanye West working the antenna, she tight and all that
Girl you stifling all that, there's a beautiful picture
Walking that walk, will make me catch out and get ya
Seventh inning stretch, out the park I'ma hit ya
Talk to me mami, let me hear some sex scripture
[Hook - 2x]
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