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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Slim Thug, Lil' Keke, Mike Jones, Trae, 
Paul Wall, Bun B & Pimp C (UGK), Lil' Flip, Z-Ro, Scarface
Album:  I Won't Let U Down (Texas Takeover Remix) 12"
Song:   I Won't Let U Down (Texas Takeover Remix)
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I'm up early in the mornin'-thinkin bout gettin this money
Lord knows I gotta get that paper
the hustlers told me that I gotta go an get it
now I'm gettin it the best way I know how
I won't let you down

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah! Our time has come, and your time has passed
get out the way while I grind for cash
money in the bank, and the rest be stashed
when it's all done I will not be last
y'all know me, y'all gon'see - Ben Franklin is my homie
E - Y - E's is all on me, so lay it down like Ball & G
no I can't be commercial, show e'm how to bring it to the streets for all my doggs
ridin dirty, flyin birdies - pop the trunk when I pass the law
Houston do we have a problem, obviously the answers 'Nah'
ball hoggers won't pass the ball - I'm a steal that rock then pass to y'all
[I won't let you down]

[Verse 2 - Slim Thug]
I'm on my block around the clock tryna get it
if it get ya paid I did, got caught gotta quit it
got out and got back up on my grind again
cause you gotta play the game if you tryna win
and hustle money ain't fuh sho, so I ain't tryna spend
cause the minute you come up ya back down again
I promise I won't let you down momma
when it's the first of the month I'll be around momma
[I won't let you down]

[Verse 3 - Lil' Keke]
Pound for pound, ups and downs but I'm still real
chasin paper, money runnin like a treadmill
I'm just a G in the street game we raise numbers
I never let ya down, I never disapoint ya
I'm up extra early - posted like a war solider
my hustle hard like I cut it with some baking soda
heart of a gangsta to the grind mayne I'm so commited
Lord knows if I see the paper I'm a get it

I'm up early in the mornin' - thinkin bout gettin this money
Lord knows I gotta get that paper
the hustlers told me that I gotta go an get it
now I'm gettin it the best way I know how
I won't let you down, won't let you down(*repeat 4x*]

[Verse 4 - Mike Jones]
H - Town got it on my back, chrome 84's on the Cadillac
I stack stacks and stack plaques
Ice Age we run the town - Ice Age we shuttin e'm down
as long as I'm makin multiply(I won't let you down]
my new album is on the way - when you say my name you say I'm paid
H - Town we here to stay(Mike Jones]
a millionaire can you imagine that?
two time plaque can you add to that? - eleven cars can you handle that?
[I won't let you down]

[Verse 5 - Trae]
If you lookin for the south, you can tell e'm I'm home
on the block you can tell e'm I ain't leavin till it's gone
thinkin'I ain't you can tell e'm they wrong
when I pull up glass house with the roof half gone
if it come to gettin paid, understand that I got e'm
sittin back broke - I'm a show you that I'm not them
now I'm in the hood full time tryna rock them
yeah I'm from the streets, no way you finna block them
mouth full of rocks, yeah money well blown - everytime I talk now, money well shown
but just because I rap, don't think a fly cat - I hop in all black and still run up in ya home
Trae Tha Truth I got hustle and flow
I do it for the ones tryna hustle and score
every hour, everyday until my body get sore
one hundred percent and my hustle is showed

[Verse 6 - Paul Wall]
So when the streets is talkin and they tellin me to go get that cake
no time to waste I can't wait 'cause I got bread to break
these boys is fake, they bumpin they gums - sayin they payin dues
but they preoccupied up in the mall, buyin they gal shoes
I'm motivated by the diamond chains and ice grills
a Johnny Dang watch and a Cadillac on 4's with crater wheels
I'm cash collectin, still trill - chasin a dollar bill
my apetite is never filled, when chasin after these mills(I gotta grind]

[Verse 7 - Bun B]
From sun down to the sun up
you know Big Bun up, tryna get his paper and his gun up
can't let these haters get one up on me or try to run up
gotta leave e'm gun up and get up - you wanna get down, get up
I leave ya hit up and split up - so pay attention sit up
and keep ya eyes on the target
that's Bun Beata the King, he be goin the hardest
not only is he the trillest but also he's the smartest
gangsta slash rap artist
[I won't let you down]

[Verse 8 - Lil' Flip]
Let me tell you a lil' somethin 'bout a G like me
I gotta whole bunch of money and a whole bunch of weed
Rap ain't dead, the trap ain't dead
I'm still gettin bread in my hood with D - Red
tell me a rapper you know with a crib and a bank account with 5 in it
you losin fuck, I'm Scrooge Mcduck - my money piles I dive in it
flippin and mackin I'm stackin my paper, you haters better fall back
the south wack - Hell no, and Rest In Peace to Big Moe
the cheaper my work, my beeper alert - all day and all night
we ride gray, we sell white - we buy Haze and pour up Sprite

[Verse 9 - Z - Ro]
24/7, three sixty five tryna get rich is on our mind
Houston, Texas we ain't nothin but some go getters - and some trendsetters and we stayin on our grind
remember when the world said, down south rappers couldn't rap
now the down south rappers all across the map
representin my city and I'm a wear it on my back
it's official damn right the south is back
even though we ain't never really went no where, we always been here
we make good music, and we stack big money, and we act bad - all godamn year
gotta give it to us cause if not we gon'take it and never give it back
that's just how it's gon'go
it's been every year in Houston, Texas
but ain't a damn thing change you can still count on Z - Ro

[Verse 10 - Scarface]
Money my motive, my mission is to be holdin
atleast two hundred million or mo
cause if I'm closin I won't it
where it's set up for the next generation of Jordan's
so that next generation of Jordan's will have it easy
that's why I'm out here movin this work
creative legacy, avoidin Kennedy's curse, my heart beats heavenly
I love you son for all that it's worth
and down to die became to the worst
[I won't let you down]

[Verse 10 - Pimp C]
You call in some cars, I be in jets
Google "Pimp C" I'm all over the internet
the paint over the Lac is so glass
UGK for life, I need to teach a pimpin class
cause I'm gettin my paper, reppin my house
say what I want to, out my mouth
15 years I'm what it's about
land of the south, that's no doubt
Pimp a snitch, you'se a clown
say my name, it's gon'go down
you rent yo car, you rent yo house
you kiss that girl, I been in ya mouth, Huh
[I won't let you down]