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Artist: Chingo Bling f/ Baby Bash, Fade Dogg
Album:  The Tamale Kingpin
Song:   What Did He Said (Remix) *
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* Remix to the interlude "See You At The Pulga" from Baby Bash's "The Ultimate Cartel" album

[Chingo Bling]
What did he said
{*Chingo Bling crows "Remix"*}
What did he said
What did he said
What did he said
What did you said (You don't got no diamonds, STUPID)
What did he said
What did I said

[Verse 1: Chingo Bling]
Y'all some little putitos
Bite my style like mosquitos
Got more cheese than Cheetos
More paper than Office Depot
Chingo Bling, culero
Tamale Kingpin, culero
I know you see me
En el groupo Los Traileros
Swang and bang
Grippin' grain
Chingo Bling
I'm off the chain
Got a rooster on my side
Lil' Cleto, that's his name
Little diamonds on my chain
Bigger diamonds on my ring
Other one is on my chankla, ridin'
Awesome, don't stop us
Chingo Bling
Fade Dogg
Baby Bash, you don't know
We just barely met ya hoe
Took her back to Mexico (Subate!)
Diamonds, platinum, how we shine
You don't wanna see us pull out our .45's
Diamonds on my wrist that'll make you go blind
Cover your eyes, you don't wanna go blind

[Chingo Bling] You see me at the pulga, you don't see me at the mall
               I started to run fast, but the mira made me fall
               Sopita de rice
               Sopita de pollo
               Tengo dientes de ice
               You got dientes de follo
[Baby Bash]    Now you can see me at the grocery or see me at the mall
               Don't see me in the county jail or juvenile hall
               Do see me a little bit here
               Do see me a little bit there
               Everytime you see a player, yeah, I got that in the air

[Verse 2: Fade Dogg]
You can see me ride in the F-650
Fat sacs and a glock now with me
All up in the T.V.
You could see me
Homeboy, I'm live on 3D
I know you see me
Backstage at the box, and I'm blowin' on fire
Home of the trucks
20 inch rims tires
Look, I'm a private jet flyer
I could make you say, "Look, that's him"
Fresh, dressed with a tilted grim
Throwback hat with a tilted rim
Sippin' on lean, so I'm tilted then
Oh yeah, that's me
Like a pimp
Everyday, all day, eat steak and shrimp
Hittin' your girl til my thang so limp
Plenty of game, so I ain't so symp
I'm high, Tub Tony
Livin' like Ginuwine
So these hoes come ride my Pony
But I ain't no phony
Can't sign on the line
Cause you hoes can't own me
Man, just show me
Put it all on the table
Fool, let's count this money
From the land of the milk and honey
Just ask Bash, we livin' lovely

Repeat Chorus

Pre-Verse: Baby Bash
Well, now
I ride with rancheros
And roll with cold pistoleros
And hang with Ghetto Vaqueros
Because I'm all about pesos

Repeat Pre-Verse

(Verse 3)
[Baby Bash]    And all I wanna do is keep ya fly
               I don't really wanna hurt no boi
               Just grab me and put a piece of the pie
[Chingo Bling] Baby Bash, you never lie
[Baby Bash]    With alligator persuaders
               We beatin' down, lay bootleggers
               And keeping it so major, player
               That them (???) best beware
               Cause I don't know what you heard
               Hit me on my Nextel at church
               So I can give you the word
               Where they get tamales and birds
               Gotta watch them
               Federalis, cause they lurk
               Don't hang out with them weirdo jerks
               Hit the valley, go pick up work
               On Sunday, go to my abuela's church

Hook: Baby Bash
Baby Beeshy, what the feezy
Who said purple pimpin' ain't easy
Baby Beeshy, what the feezy
Who said purple pimpin' ain't easy
Chingo, Fade, got it made
Slanging elote, lemonade
Chingo, Fade, got it made
Slanging elote, lemonade

[Baby Bash]

{*Baby Bash ad-libs til fade*}