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Artist: Chino XL f/ Killah Priest
Album:  Poison Pen
Song:   Beastin'
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[Killah Priest]
I do chin-ups of a niggaz bars, killin' off whole squads
It's those gone off the line of scrimmage
Beginners are finished, I'm relentless
My spit game injures, I'm the ninja
Blow on trees like winters
In the centre, keep a sinister smile
with the dillinger like John Wilkes Booth
My palm still shoots ink, leavin' rappers in stink
Pullin' gats out my mink, clap where you think
I go from God Body to Godzilla to God forgive him
'Til I hope God is with him
If not I spit jack, think witch dreams
Of automatics, M-16s, submachines
Slugly screams of blood
Clear out clubs, air out mugs, put wings on thugs
It's your screams I love
I sample them, put on 'em on Pro Tools
And Ad-lib 'em with vocals, Killah Priest

[Chorus: Chino XL]
The type of rappers that be Beastin' {*2X*}

[Chino XL]
My saliva's lava, the wicked anomalous scholar
The author composin' your broken bones into an orchestra
Burn in Heaven, no weapon can harm me
These homos been in the closets so long I'ma donate them to Salvation Army
Calmly tearin' ya flesh like the claws of a falcon
Write songs 'til my wrist develops Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
And there's no feelin' in my right thumb, my knuckles white and numb
You should see the muscular development in my forearms
I'm swarn human heron from here on
Consider Chino XL a monster, fuck Charlize Theron
You cling on to life like a skinny Luther
I'm like an aircraft carrier goin' to war with a Mini Cooper
Gettin' used to being crazy
as a double jointed female doctor bent over, delivering her own baby
Anti-Medical, non-preventable
Make you and a dead man identical
Sound alarms, I'm well armed, like an octopus tentacle
Bust ten of you, trust none of you
I'm the murdering minister when God is upset at you
Right on schedule, calligraphers spit a comprehensible
Poison Pen always the illest, today he's exceptional
Slayin' professional between big deals
I get jobs at McDonalds and throw cyanide pills into kids meals
I slaughter individuals, throw rappers through windshields
Slice them from ear to ear 'til they breathin' out of fish scales
Every lyricist kneels to my internal, incurable inferno
I beat a niggaz haircut into crop circles
Hear the smotherless pain
Be the main attraction in a circus how I can juggle your jugular vein
I stumble and aim if you merely just mumble my name
Crumple your fame, cripple ya fangs
Isn't it strange it doesn't change I'm a beast
The hungriest rapper alive pickin' human flesh out of my teeth
You get shot in the streets or in sentences like Mystikal
Don't even call rap rap no more, call it Chino XL