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Artist: The Click f/ Kaveo
Album:  Down and Dirty
Song:   On a Mission
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[Intro: Kaveo]
E-40 check this out man
I don't know what is it about these ?sittin-uckers?
Thinkin we some kind of big nusters or somethin
But now watch me though
I like what you lacin that real shit down for em man

I got the block sewed up, three or four million dollar spots
Rocks jumpin off marijuana and herb
Eleven five hundreds due, dope fiends due off that dog food
Choppin down keys gettin all my props
Youngsters on the corner lookin out for cops
They really don't be trippin on what they can get
Cause I just take 'em to the mall and buy 'em a fet, huh
Pistol whippin punks on the boulevard
Wouldn't hesitate to pull ya house card
Cause I ain't takin no shorts in the game today
Quick to pop a punk tryin to short stop
Money hungry hard hitter stingy little numbskull
Penny pinchin large mail, down for my hustle
Sittin phat like Chublee
All about my money double batch full of scratch
Artillery, firearms and gats
I got funk with like seven different crews
Cause I done jacked, kidnapped and did dirt to those fools
So wrapped up in my money that I don't think nobody can harm me
Cause I'm a one man army
I get a thrill outta killin I ain't no peanut
If niggas roll some funk man I bring it to 'em
Ya movin too fast, out yells my mother
But it went in one ear, and straight out the other
Me and my partna head out on a misson
Program tight tell everybody we went fishin
Play up the scene, grab my mini-14
Gold proof vest and a glock seventeen
Old school mobb with a heck of a dense
Surgical gloves so that they can't trace the prints
I know I'm in a red lookin at death row
But fuck the five-oh, the po-po's and the metro
I'm on a misson

That's the shit I'm talkin about right there man
Cause when a muthafucka tryin to get his fit-netty on
That's the way shit got ta be handled
Cause in order to get paid you got to do damage and take advantage 

As a nigga start to plot I can catch 'em all at once
Start slippin' out of bounds on the other side of town
I'ma get that ass, caught him loose with the pants down
Now I fist the clown down goes my ski-mask
Drivin' real slow, puffin on indo
My partna E-Duece said (Man them niggas think they federal)
E was the driver, daredevil tight
I said "nigga that's the first word you said all night"
Cool, calm, collected but never on the sleep
E parked the car in the middle of the street
I hopped out the vehicle them tricks hit the deck
I started lettin loose like a Vietnam vet
PROP! POP! POP! Goes my mini-14
POP! POP! POP! Said my glock seventeen
Shit was like flyin, in every which way
Rated they ass with some hollow points spray
How long did it last? About five minutes or so
Nathin but a bloodbath niggas on a flo'
A few got away, but most had to pay
Those who got away, I'll find out where they stay
Cause bitches like to lay, and niggas like to screw
It's all about the setup, so look at what I do
Smoked up the block and then vanished without a clue
Switch up the cars and then change it to somethin new
I'm on a misson

Yeah man, yeah man, yeah
These fittin-ools don't understand
Boy it's some muthafuckas schemin and plittin out
And thinkin they gon' get with a muthafucka first, uh-uh
We ain't wit dat so instead we like snatch up the foam proof glocks
The ski-mask stocks
Two bitchs so we can like throw they sense of reality off
Catch 'em slippin' and leave 'em trittin up in man

The folks ?? a threatening situation
I must make the hit before they take retalliation
Straight gangsta shit poppin off in the war
I'm shootin everything when I kick in the door
One way to handle it I need a couple of scandalous
?? that I hook up with them fools and take chances
Ladies and gentlemen this shit here ain't for play
This the type of shit that happens every other day
My cousin's girlfriends little neice knows the leader
Says he'll do almost anything if she just let him jeer
Bootsee muthafucka really went for the shit
Baby told Du to bring his whole fuckin click
Partna was the burgalar and his folks was the vwice
What Du didn't know was he was in for a surprise
Baby brought a friend on the strength of gettin fetti
Waited for them tricks at the edge water telly
We was in the cut on the under in the closet
Ready to start some shit they was way out the closet
Knock knock knock! I said "ssh quiet down"
Blam blam blam! was the second time around
I opened up the door, and then I yelled bingo
Slapped in the click and let the muthafucka go
Mission accomplished