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Artist: The Click 
Album:  Down and Dirty
Song:   Ol' School
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What's up, what's up man what goes on
I don't know ohh yea I see you got your cutlass out the shop
Yes you know my shit is out man

Cutlass supreme in back 
I bought it messed up with a dent in the back
May eighty eighty I flipped it
Seven months hater I whipped it
And now its done its all complete
Can't wait to see little pushers in the street
I'm on my way to the spot ya'll
To get my ol school drop ya'll
Hit the light hit the G
What's up baby are you glad to see me 
I know its been a long time
But man still looks good
The rubber straight the stakes is straight
And niggas ain't fucking with the fire escapes
Dude I'm ready to ride
I'm off to the millville side
Not too wossi but hecks a fly though
Makes me a strong left down a how
Now I'm up to no good
I spots the lil bruce under the hood
I said what's up sahob

I thought you heard
Lil bruce got him an ol' school bird
Seventy eight like freaking highes
I came up manuvering on some like chinese
I'm slapping a fo barrel long right now
You be wishing in a minute to show you how
I be mobbing like a millville veteran
When I slap out of first instead of second
I got a 3 0 2 with the pies in the rear
I'm seving this bitch when I'm full of the beer
Took it to this now dark to bark now
Mad as that pushing the whip
You ride up the block sideways that's cool
But can you mobb that ol' school

Can you mobb your ol' school
Can you mobb can you mobb

Can I mobb the question is how tight
Dude the suckers spread all right
Burn the rubber cuz I love the sport
Turn a few title in a front end court
I'm straighter than a player tighter than a chef
And getting into some good ol' doja
Lil bruce not late the seventy eight
And meet me at the end of Mariposa
And watch me yok way too there
Hop my you joint slipping the clip
Then we line them up at the stop
You sucking my seven duce drop
And when man says go I push to the floor
And make my cut do a million
Slipping out of first get the shit get slurped
And now I'm doing a zillion
Smokes your man I ain't joking
That's why all fo wheels is smoking
The other block sideways that's cool
But can you mobb your ol' school

Can you mobb your ol' school
Can you mobb can you mobb

High speeds I know all about them
At the V.P.D. they tell you all about them
Food the good weed down for the high speed
Supposed to make my ol' school fly
I continue doing ninety with my partner chip behind me
Dang I hope I don't bite
The life was real I went through it
I'm mobbing like a lot of mobil break fluid
Hood gets juice when smoking that dank
And making that moet not too stank
I'm about to fly sideways mug me
Zap my coke smoking fo fifteens
I drive like Kiwie you don't want to see me
Pulling your totes is way too easy
You and your mean real the deal
I thought you knew bruce was down for his real
But waits till I hits that intersection
And turn my wheels in the left direction
I'm a spit forever like cool headed dude
Mobbing my ol' school