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Artist: The Click
Album:  Game Related
Song:   If I Took Your Boyfriend
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Playa hatresses, mad at the world
Mad cause you just gt rid of an ancient S-Curl
I'm on a mission so why test me
Cause everywhere you be they talkin' about Suga-T
Top-notch, super bad
All about her paper, all about her scratch
Back in the day you wasn't trippin' when I was broke
You might as well face I ain't no joke
What if I took ya boyfriend, how would you react
I'll do it just because I know you talk behind my back
I'll do ya bad, make ya mad
Take him to the pad and substitute where you lack at
Maybe it's the sneak in me, that could bring out the freak in me
Make you retrospect a G
Now should I be a snakedafied, get wined and dined
Or peep at him from the corner of my eye

If I took your boyfriend, what would you do
Would ya wanna kill me, or would ya wanna feel me
If I took your boyfriend, what would you do
What could ya do
If I took your boyfriend

I bet they thought this chick was gonna fall, naw
Never would of thought I stood tall through this all
World-wide tryin' to back ya man up off of me
And ya wanna put a bad name for me out on the streets
Maybe I should go ahead and page him, here I be
So he can spend yo latest check on me
Then after that he would have to go
And guess what, you would never know
Better back up off before I slang this whip up on ya
Have ya not normal hangin' by my man
Hold up, wait a minute maybe I should stop bullshittin'
Get down and dirty about my business, no sippin'
I thought chu' knew, I be down for what I do
See I can go solo in a minute damn a crew
I can be a bitch or I can keep livin'
So playa back up off me


Now on a scandalous tip
I can pop and scam and spit
I'm takin' thugs out the game for reality checkin'
I'm steady, ready I ain't down for the petty
They runnin' around town sayin Suga's way fetti
Candlelights and toasts gettin' licked at the spot
Everybody knows Suga-T ain't right
Bend behind a red carpet over rug
Bests  to retrospect, I got straight love
You can rub-a-dub me down in the hot tub
Might mess around and even fall in love
See it don't matter because my pockets gettin' fatter
Now see that some real shit for this chatter
You see it ain't no future hatin' on me
Cause he'll be forced to feel me
And if he don't hear me on the radio
Then he'll see me on the video screen and he'll love me

[Hook to fade]