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Artist: The Click f/ Levitti
Album:  Money & Muscle
Song:   Say Dat Den
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Whoa, whoa, whoa yeah
Whoa, whoa, whoa yeah ooh

[Hook: The Click & Levitti]
Ya say ya wanna baller
Say dat den (I wanna baller)
What kind of girl is you
Den say dat den (I'm a boss)
Ya say ya ready to holla
Say dat den (Hundred dollar)
What's got into you
Den say dat den (I'm a baller)
Is it because of my money
Say dat den (Yeah)
Is it because of my fame
Den say dat den (Yeah)
Is because I'm a baller
Say dat den (Uh huh)
That ya hardly say my name
Den say dat den (Say dat den)

You hollered at me, ya like the way I hold fame
You choose me, you like the way I spit game
Feelin' me, the way that I chewed the mic
You sendin' letters with ya eyes like a flyin' kite
Them leather pants, thick like potato skins
Conformation, confirmed by a pimpin'
You know what cha' gon' do, what cha' gotta do
Get naked in the bed with my whole crew (With my whole crew)

I be in it, with four new pennants and two lieutenants
We spin it, this cash be as green as this spinach
We win it, before you start it we finish it
Diminish it, and like my nephews we be in the shit
I'm known to get in ya dome like perms do
Too bad, ya all in my path that burns you
You hate and move like snakes and worms do
And when we, me and us three I turn two


Den say dat den, say dat den, say dat den
In the middle I'm twerkin' jerkin' perkin' and drinkin' gin
Posted up me and my friends chokin' and smokin' the hemp
Chocolate and light-skinned tenders
Legs open like who's gonna rap up and tend this at the apartments
One or two, three, four attendants, the whole complex
Soldiers, and bosses, lieutenants be causing turtlenecks
Flossin' like we was some dentists, and then it's

The world bounces, I got mine first by movin' ounces
Pronounces, the prices and pitches
Now all hella bitches hit this 1-800 like we done it, you fund it
The we can ride out and be lil' blunted

Sometimes I know that I'm way up outta line
They got me bossin' throwin' green up in the sky
They say I'm arrogant but playa that's just me

I pops it off from the left

Indulgin' in the real D


I'm in yo city like B-Legit and Levitti (Levitti)
You ain't the best lookin' thing in the world
But it's ya attitude that make you look pretty
Cause those sedity girls be ugly inside
Gold diggin', out to get the fetti just along for the ride
But I'm a P.I. like her motivation when we roll, watch ya clown
I throw her back in the air and break her before she hit the ground man
You can find me in Las Vegas standin' next to the Bishop and you man

[Suga T]
All my ladies respective, I check it, resurrect it
Back from the dead but never died but now I'm still connected
Never sweat it, the money and cars I collect it
By any means necessary cause I'm a get it
I stay fitted while niggas be tryin' to hit it
And get it, and play with it
I boss, from the Far East to the Bay with it
And if it's pay with it you can look but can't lay with it
And bring the Tanqueray when you visit

[Hook: repeated till fade]