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Artist: The Click f/ Baby (Big Tymers), W.C.
Album:  Money & Muscle
Song:   It's All the Same
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Ha ha, uh
Nigga, come on, nigga, yeah
Take it to the house
Yeah, yeah, yeah Dub C, 40 Widah
Uh-huh, D-Shot

I know ya in the movies and ya pager's goin' off
You got a call from the boss
You seen the code 2-2-3-6, you makin' excuse, you got to piss
Even though you at the phone dialin' all seven digits
You got to move with the quickness
Before ya dude gets suspicious and shit
Get to trippin' and shit, get the sock in this bitch
Get to turnin' Doctor Jekyll on hoes
Cause if he flauntin' dough, he can't take the blows

AY HO! AY HO! (Get em' again, get em' again)
Pick yo celly up, I wanna fuck
Ho what's happenin' back at cha'
Get it at cha' once the pussy askin'
You know that ignorant bastard
Pockets full of Ziploc bags, it's ripped nasty
Met you at the Benz dealership in t-shirt and khakis, crafty
Over the mic like cookie chips, it's the criminal
Known for c-walkin' in the pussy lips
Let them suckers take care of ya ho
Like 40, I just wanna click with you and dick you
From Cape to the Bay Area, bury ya
Flashin' the dick in ya tonsils
Bend you over and fuck you by my studio counsils
Poundin' a shady nigga layin' the wood
Video tapin' me hittin' it from the back
Throwin' up the hood, yeah you like that bitch
The square ass weights tellin' you ain't never been choked
Or done fucked by a felon, no K-Y jellin'
Just tryin' to inhale it
So when ya ready for the real bitch hit me on my cellin'

[Hook: The Click and (Baby)]
It' all the same (These hoes wanna marry a nigga)
The same ol' game (Then turn around and bury a nigga)
It's all the same (It's all gravy whodi)
Wherever we go (Nigga please believe)
It' all the same (These hoes wanna marry a nigga)
The same ol' game (Then turn around and bury a nigga)
It's all the same (Fo' sheezy baby)
Wherever we go

[Suga T]
I set rules in this game
I pop my bra, I claim fame
I do my thug thesis
Got the world singin' speak of me
I do no jockin' the clock don't stop clockin'
I'm a top notch and my itenary stay crackin'
I'm mackin' boss bitch, hell I'm pimpin'
I'm on one, I have no mercy I go sick with it
Like Cash Money we click with it, hey hey
Super bad, super bad say say

Check the pass man, foot on the gas man
I wrap em' up in cashmere and trade em' for cash man
You dig, my sick face down on the side of my hip
I'm seventeen deep with heat so don't trip
I sip malt liquor all of the suds
My bomb is e-coli the murderous buds
I blaze Philly blunts all in the clubs
Keep a bald fade for the bitches to rub
I thug for mine that's the difference with me
From the ball playin'nigga that ya see on tv
I Escalade up to the spot on the Hill
Fill you up with Hennessey and ecstasy pills
Fuck you in the mind if ya just sit still
Opened up some game and I let that spill
Bitches love playas cause they keep that real
The shit is all the same, ya feel
Yeah, it's all international baby, ya feel


But every time I spit this game
These L-I-P's these niggas know my name
You see my name is E-Feezy
These hoes be lovin' me
Ya gotta be a special lady and a very exciting girl
Yo I'm slammed, lookin' savy in the back of the crackhouse
In the bathroom choppin' up and baggin' up my cavy
You must be blankin' off them blankin' thangs
Who the fuck you think you dealin' with
I hold up, I ain't gon' rescue no bitch
I'll slap ya upside ya nooda, bitch
Talkin' that shit, I'ma buy ya ass some Prada
Some Norman Camali, the Mazda MX or Miati
I ain't gon' lie you got some good ass lush fire punana
But I ain't sprung even though you been handlin' on
Been suckin' the peel off the banana with yo big ass lips and gums
Swallowin' down my cum, runnin' around there with yo big ass tongue
You're hangin' out your thong
You wanna stay with ya hard ass workin' baby dada
He loves ya dirty draws, he'll drink ya bath water
He'll let ya ass go clubbin'
He ain't gon' be trippin' off nothin' you mention
He know you something
He know you can't turn a tramp into a good woman

[Hook x2]