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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   All We Ever Know
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

They wanna see me down, but I be comin up
They don't want me around, but I lay in the cut
This is how the hood be movin, there's no solution
It's so hard but it's all we ever know

[CL Smooth]
Feel this pulse of the hood, that ear to the street
Like the boys on feet, them wolves never sleep
Just lurk in the shadows, mingle in your blind sight
Is it meant to be tested? Better get your mind right
These are the breaks and, this is what it takes and
Laid up in the coffin there is all your mistakes look
Is this what you want though, or beggin for a change
as to what we all can afford, and what's out of your range?
They massacred your folks then - pray for revenge
Your last thought is a target, the beef never ends (never ends)
These foul niggaz laughin, your baby momma's cashin
who hated your ass with a passion
Hangin on your last breath gaspin, your people in tears
who always told ya you was trouble for years
Find you at death's doors fightin, with tubes all in you
Heard they raidin your spots - who's gon' miss you?
It's grimey as it ever been, slugs in the veteran
The block savor the day he took his own medicine
Now it's all over, the next leader got the seat
But don't bury him yet, we still got a heartbeat
The mind over matter, stuff made of legends
A spirit that caters to the physical presence
He gotta dig down deep, that's where it begin
You got far too much pride to let your enemies win
See life flash before you, your face in the sink
Look up inside the mirror, before you can blink
Feel you have no choices, beaten battered and scarred
Can only muster up enough strength to find God
As solid as the anchor, how can I thank ya
when it took every bit of prayer to save this gangster?
On my knees in the chapel, forgive me father
The endless rounds of shots, the people screamin in horror
What add up to a dollar, don't make sense/cents no more
What people live to posess, in the spoils of war
become obsolete, that's if you weather the storm
It's so beautiful, the feelin like a hustler reborn with no drama
Need you right here for the kids with every honor
The streets know it is what it is, another chapter
Through all that pain you stood the best remedy
is let 'em see you still live good

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[CL Smooth]
Listen man, we don't wanna talk to none of y'all
You left your man out here for dead and all that (real talk)
This New York City man (uh-huh) y'know
where the rats is bigger than the cats (stop snitchin~!)
We servin notice you hear me? (Talk to 'em)
We not playin wit'chu meatballs (emphatically)
This is Black Heart, the movement (c'mon)
We only play for keeps here, and this is all we ever know

[Chorus] - repeat 2X