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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   American Me (Intro)
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What makes a man a man?
A friend of mine once wondered
Is it his origins, where he comes to life?
I don't think so
It's the choices he makes, not how he starts things
but how he decides to end them

{*"Right about now" and "CL Smooth" scratched*}

[CL Smooth]
This is that LP, "American Me"
With the big boy C, CL Smooth baby life of a G
You feel the hood, salute the President, my young life
is a program, live to do anything, to please the old man
I'm really on it like that; you industry boy I'm in the street
I'm who they waited so long to meet
I'm still positive but let's go hard with it
My swagger so insane I'm walkin with God with it
and do believe - it's all about'cha survival
So switch it up and pull the pistol out that bible
Just say the word, you not dealin with a herb that'll move with a bird
I'm just an eagle stayin fly for the people
My soldiers backin 'em down, jacket off with no limit
I want the world my neezy and everything in it
A mack from the stack to the Roley
Facade or alter ego named Goldie
It has to be American Me

From the four square miles of Mount Vernon streets
There rose a hustler, that every woman wanted to meet
His game was strong, his money was long
And before you know it, he was livin the American dream