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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   American Me (Outro)
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Stars and stripes

[CL Smooth]
In the land of free and the home of the brave
Love to see me totally paid
Pushin them hot toys, livin in that big house
That's that Black Heart fam (this American Me)
How to make this a part of your life
How you see my stars and stripes
What I earned in the street, what I learned in the street
is the reason I can come back and crush this game (this American Me)
Ain't nuttin gon' stop us baby
With so much cake we lazy
Then I'ma train the next killer, put him with the best who
let him be that dude, with every hot chick you see (this American Me)
You see me money earnin
With more cake out the Vernon
You ever gon' see, never gon' make, never gon' take
This is Black Heart King (this American Me)
With my poetry in motion
The next new cats are roastin
When the bell sound gotta bow down this is my town
Tell me what's harder than a real O.G.? (This American Me)
There's no need to hide it right
When the dark gotta come to light, stand and fight
Black or white, let's all unite
See my team livin that American dream (this American Me)
Any top street cat gon' tell you
I'm the last of that great repop'n
Kick with the top'n lean in the rock'n
Don't say much G-string droppin (this American Me)
The album by CL Smoovy
Hit the block and make a movie
Take the country by storm
This is how a star is born (this American Me)

I'd like to thank everybody for buyin this CD
CL Smooth, "American Me"
Thank you all, God bless you and good night

Heh, ohh, ohh you what?
Oh you thought it was over? Oh okay