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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   American Me
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People of the press
We are in a state of emergency
The President is here to address the terrorist level rising
and the upgrade of homeland security
We are in the position as a nation
where critical times are hard to accept
We will answer your questions in the order received
Ladies and gentlemen, The President

[CL Smooth]
How I'm comin in the land of opportunity, a few love to see me get it
The rest spend their energy tryin to ruin me
I move like it's two of me; you run up on it it's said
it's like I got eyes in the back of my head
If there was any doubt before, I could never return
Watch and learn, this the type of heat that make Pete squirm
Next turn, the cream of the crop, even if screwed and chopped
It's like an orphan rich families adopt
When they left CL with nathin - only wishin me
a lifetime of rabbit ears and pure frustration
From that, to standing ovation
Just to let 'em see my brand new LP sweep the nation
You're dealin with a much wiser mind with inner strength to find
and force rougher hands to fall in line
And locked down in your town, strung out and still not free
For the world to see American Me

In a jam, they wanna chase me like Uncle Sam
Have me leave my life it's crazy
Come back home, give me 52 states to roam
And complain when it's time to pay me
I'm on top of my game when it comes to the country
People thinkin oh it's just gravy
I'm as hard as they come, straight out the slum
Nothin comes for free it's American Me

[CL Smooth]
Like I'm givin you your last rites, when you see my face
All you're lookin at is stars and stripes
With three-fourths of the drug law
So now you know why we build with bricks, they build with straw
Against the mark of the beast
Cause sometimes men must fight wars to truly have peace
Hear to conquer valleys of foreign soil
'til you show me all your hidden weapons and fields of oil
I'm sendin in troops, heavy press want the inside scoop
I'm like mums the word up in this coop - oversee that God
When they move that quick
Admire my swag to use it as a measuring stick
I paid my dues, why we can't lose, plus I refuse
to let 'em stagnate the growth of my blues
The pattern of me is sign no statements, cop no plea
In what can only be American Me


[CL Smooth]
That's why they all jockey for position
Just the crabs in the barrel, but watch me from the outside fishin
This is stop look and listen, besides the shine and glisten
You learn and earn when nothin is a given
Meet soldiers in victory, lames in defeat
Bunk with heads in the joint who can't live on the street
When I die for the principle, stand for the code
Where I never gotta come back, I just reload~!
Like the bars in the bing, the puppet on the string
Names ring but can only be one king
I'm talkin 'bout a whole new leadership, my voice on them beats
And how they gotta come up out them seats
I bang hard and unscripted, strong black and gifted
Missed it, is how the top spot got shifted
CL's the key, to the way things have to be
Livin the dream, American Me