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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   I Can't Help It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah, uh-huh, CL
Uhh... ("I can't help it, can't help it")

[CL Smooth]
I'm just a hat too tall, the shots I can call
where I don't really even have to sweat money at all
This is so built to ball, and somethin off the wall
The babies even try to walk before they can crawl
You wanna toss yours in the ring? Go right to the King?
I get rid of him quick with all that you bring
My thing in full swing, when the bell go DING
the figure sound about right, cha-CHING~!
Heard your boy is no joke, before you ever see him broke?
You see him linin up all them rich folk
With coke down to the smoke, besides all of the Black Heart
I need a real bad chick with stroke
I'm just a real nigga used to shit, wait who's the shit?
It's really all about me nigga that's it
The man in the movement, oh how they love CL Smooth
out there piping hot and doin it

The man that invented it, right where I centered it
Locked in the danger zone, where they talk about
the birth of a genius, the hardest, the meanest
The greatest slum tale ever told
Where I hit 'em from the bottles, the models, the wars, the tours
Cockroach tenament to marble floors
I'm just a hell of a catch
Like a new toy with the outfit to match ("I can't help it, can't help it")

[CL Smooth]
While the kid is a chick magnet, scream and grab at it
It's hot but all I really got is a money habit
Push whips past it, wave you monkey bastard
Watchin the wrist change colors every other karat
I'm what the hood study, could write up in the cutty
Sit real pretty but this shit can get ugly
With no love for me, you people think I'm made of money?
The illest niggaz under my thumb is like putty
Since everything I'm bustin out now entice you
Send one of my lil' homies over there to bite you
Tighten you up, the first time they lays eyes on you
lighten you up, shittin out a bag, pissin out a cup
That's what's up, The Source made thoughts corrupt
Compared to them big dogs that's the pug
Name the price and take a little sound advice
I'm like headcrack rollin the dice baby


[CL Smooth]
When the streets always knew we was this fly, the love for this guy
is known to split waves the same way he split pies
Lay up in those thighs, I school and chastize
Who know my "Art of War" is the element of surprise
So cool and calm, a killer smile with charm
You hear "tick tick tick," nigga that's the bomb
But is it for Islam or is it for this Don
who only can wish the innocent people no harm?
Rose from the ashes, here to move the masses
The program that make you generate paper the fastest
So when the stock crashes, and the storm passes
We eatin fresh fruit, jumpin out of E-classes
And we not talkin, think it's me you stalkin?
All you hear is loud pops and the bodies fallin
This is your warning, a new day's dawning
How the rap game need CL Smooth