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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   CL Smooth Unplugged
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[CL Smooth]
Okay~! We got the dance floor rockin, my soul band knockin
And when your boy step out, it ain't no stoppin
Just a non-stop party, I'm here with everybody
Now whoever miss this one, is gonna be sorry
Like a fireworks display, I toss a lot of bread
Keep me roped off, with X amount of bottles to the head
Real cozy in the V.I., tokin my cigar
I'm the real power, and I don't really care who you are
Just have yourself a good time, be nice to the ladies
Cause we don't wanna have to whup yo' head tonight
The whole thing is be polite, and if you agree
If not, then move your corny ass from around me!
This is grown man B.I., now the honies see why
they hate to love the sophisticated thug
Instead of poppin the slug, you see me cut a rug
This is CL Smooth unplugged

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
My God - you might have the flex, but got no flavor
You might have some cash, but got no class
Here's the next level of love, the future for a thug
to hear CL Smooth unplugged

[CL Smooth]
Now be honest it just feels good, to see him puttin it down
More like an explosion, when I'm hittin the town
I get the clubs groovin, keep it dressed to impress
In nothin but the best, and won't settle for less
A real trendsetter, who can top me kid?
They had enough cajones, they woulda already did
They know it's my time, watch me soakin it up
In the booth glass of merlot, loc'n it up
My Cartier frames, with the matching watch
to keep the sweet ladies screamin my name for blocks
We got a real connection, in your tub real late
Candles burnin, the sound of my voice an escape
It's the mood I'm in, the groove I'm in
Where I ordinarily keep you out, I let you in
Now until we are one, how I keep it on guard
is watch CL Smooth unplugged


[CL Smooth]
My peoples - this is champagne music, caviar lyrics
This a shitload of paper every time you hear it
Come and have the time of your life, where nothin can control me
+The Mack+ of the year, the game call me Goldie
The set don't excite me, 'til you get hyphy
In other words get dumb, you know where I'm from
That New York nightlife, all the way to the Bay
You get to see firsthand, how the players play
The wardrobe spinnin, accesories are glistenin
The broads I'm twistin to the toys I'm whippin
Only gas up the strip, make the hood flip
Not talkin right on the corner, toast on hip
Why they love me like crazy, treat me like a God
Life is short, you wonder why we party so hard
It's a Black Heart family, the whole nine yard
to hear CL Smooth unplugged


My God