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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   Gorilla Pimpin'
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[CL Smooth]
We get it all cause we can't get along, take stripes
Late night apply the squeeze, pressure bust pipes
See the hand that stretches, the animal that fetches
No conscience, to think how life is so precious
Just a pure rap hunter, old school to newcomer
When it's warm outside, won't last the whole summer
Straight gorilla pimpin, followin my hooptie
A dark van in the back to slide all crack
My wolves, gather in a pack to represent 'tack
and don't question nothin I say - simply react
A bunch of beast unleashed on 'em, thoughts of a predator
It's not just a job man, it's an adventure
I turn up the temperature, as hot as all hell
When you raise a hungry lion to ring the dinner bell
It's the monsters in your dreams, the muffle in your screams
If it's Black Heart what it means, the gangster that leans

Keep it in the streets, the hero and the terror
When our worlds collide, we gon' get together
The fight for supremacy, ride on your enemy
Respect this gorilla pimpin
Play the back seat with the owl, the goons on the prowl
The hood is gon' remember my name God
This is that presidential edition, the man on a mission
Straight up gorilla pimpin

[CL Smooth]
I'm just hotter than these chumps, choose any level
I can sit with all you nerds, or conquer any rebel
Just the family I represent, from the Murderville
And think it won't have yo' head duckin bullets, it will~!
You can trace the skill, I move like The Phantom
Besides the ugly work I do, I'm so handsome
Remove that black hoodie, Timbs and black jeans
and stack my paper real nice and switch scenes up
You ain't sayin nothin but a word mami
I'm diggin how a stroll on the South Beach rock me
And what? How we step off the plane, know the whip is insane
And how I left New York, is how I came
Bang! We hittin Miami just like a hurricane
Dana Dane to your lane, tear it out the frame
The ladies, the vibe, and what I prescribe
I shot it so live, park that joint and ride scooters


[CL Smooth]
I'm for the money more than the glory to tell my story
Have the nerve to doubt my scratch? You broads can't afford me
I'm used to honies that's holdin a pocketbook swollen
See the more loyal I am, the more that I'm controllin
But it's not my mean to, she really claim she need you
So the real business in your camp I see through
Let 'em lay all the pieces down, and I can back it
Feel if they can run a scam on you, I can track it
It's nothin, you can play the front, dimepiece go so you know
In bed with me it's winner take all
You reel in my big fish, and it's a wrap
that got me cheesin like the Indian, on that Starter cap
That's Cleveland stupid, but I'm out the N.Y.
See the best flowin like Len Bi, I'm so fly
Here's an offer they can't refuse, let 'em blow a fuse
And they never gonna catch me slippin, gorilla pimpin