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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   Heaven Is Watching You
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Looking over your shoulder
"Don't you know that heaven's watching you, youuuuu"
"Don't you know that youuuuu"

[CL Smooth]
Momma pull the bed over you, say she need a life too
with no lights on, and the rent's due
How a child know life ain't fair, when his daddy's not there
Make him feel it's their fault and swear
Strange voices, you hear momma laughin
Glass shatter, what happened? You still hungry and can't sleep
Just grown folk trippin; peep and get caught catch a whippin
Never take us there baby up and listen
Some late nights, you can hear screams in the hallway
Walkin through the dealers and the dice games all day
Momma got an attitude, bummin for a cigarette
All up in the neighbor's ear, little sister's pants wet
Weekends you see it's go to grandma's house
And on Sundays, she would take us to the Lord's house
Where they taught you to pray, how to find your way
What'cha momma's momma tell you every day?

"Don't you know that heaven's watching you" (looking over your shoulder)
"Heaven's watching you" (and he knows your name so exchange the pain for his love)
"Don't you know that heaven's watching you, youuuuu" (it's all forrrr you)
"Heaven's watching you" (you can carry on and on)
"That it's watching you"
"Don't you know that youuuuu"

[CL Smooth]
Send troops to war to fight for their country
It's all about politics, it's all about money
Losin legs arms and eyes and soldiers all blown up
The people see it don't affect the gas price goin up
The rich get richer, the poor scrape the barrel
And the old people can't afford their medicine now
See 'em all drop the ball and cause racial beef
And watch people die with no disaster relief
It hit me like 9/11 when real life betrays
The good book said we're livin in the last days
God's son died for us, but mankind's ungrateful
Between the guns and drugs, straight hateful~!
And all those trips to space and all the missile practice
Knockin the Earth, off its axis
With no cure for AIDS, no cure for cancer
And only God has the answer


[CL Smooth]
Who's my guiding light, when they test my faith
to send me down a path they know is not safe?
Try to wish that pain on me, see the strain on me
But I can see it comin like slow motion
Only dealin with emotion, my being is spiritual
Accentuate the positive, only way I'm feelin you
Accept no lies from me, I'm here to cleanse my soul
Who's watching over me? The streets are cold

[Chorus] w/ ad libs