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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   The Impossible
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Turn it up like this now
Uhh, gets busy
Yeah what? C'mon
It's that filthy

[CL Smooth]
You talkin 'bout a Black Heart? I set off the movement
Bet you my left hand ain't nothin like me doin it
Where is the air that's not tainted and unpolluted?
See every order be followed and executed
Snap of the finger, and I can send for you
Can't stand your attitude then that's the end for you
You play by my rules and that can't lose
It's gon' take more than a killer to fill my shoes
This the top dog rap, the big boy step
Look around, ain't too many of 'em like me left
You know, when the boss is in the tension get thick
My answers stay short, and my strikes come quick
Mastermind behind the grind, what makes a man like him tick?
The crew I feed, the chick I pick
Boy, CL is that next level, I got scores to settle
I let loose the rebel deep in that heavy metal

Gets busy
Tear up the city
I'm that filthy

[CL Smooth]
I'm set to do some numbers, show you how I do summers
Winter spring and fall, you can watch daddy ball
My niggaz play the wall while they send me top shelf
Under watchful eyes but look like I'm by myself
The name in the book, so right before the beef cooks
I have 'em in the freezer hangin off the meat hooks
I give 'em different looks, even when the lights dim
You got signs of bein Smooth but you are not him
I breathe life in the game, no price to the fame
That keep a nigga like me on a chick's brain
Move that pretty, think that witty
Earn that rent, the first kid from Uptown to crack that bet
From a young gun to the one big cannon
The bread expandin, this took plannin
They said it can't be done, too tough an obstacle
That's why I'm out here set to do the impossible!

Gets busy
It's that rock shit
Tear up the city
I'm that filthy

[CL Smooth]
It's like diamonds and toys, that's hers and that's your boys
This hard rock shit to that bunch of noise
I'm leavin niggaz scramblin, only left to gamblin
Where ain't no tellin how much I'm really handlin
I make it look good, I keep it so hood
It's crazy, everything I slept on made me
Sharp when I wrote this, man with a focus
I'm out there too busy living it to notice
I'm a problem in these streets, mixed over them beats
Half a million fans await my release
And when I step in the door and it's the realest shit you ever saw
I make a half a million more fans on tour
Fucker~! From the pen to the block sucker
Place your bets, all my work covered
Why they wanna be me, how they study my G
and how my team is playing shutdown D

Gets busy
Tear up the city
I'm that filthy