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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   Smoke in the Air
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

We gon' take it to the streets now
CL Smooth
Back harder than ever

[CL Smooth]
I been in this game for years, it made me a animal
I come from nothin at all to more than I can handle
And passed through with flying colors
In the back page article, to see my face grace them covers
You see the birth of a real gangster, taste it, smell it
Flip it and sell it and live it to tell it
This is my theme music to enter, squeeze 'til I'm empty
CL pop on now, crowd in a frenzy
I harness that energy, and bring it through them sets
where they really spendin some paper, like who's on the Mets
This is franchise taggin, when I switch the shoes on the wagon
See me cruise through the block, slow laughin
Blinky's on cock, runnin 'round here thinkin they can bite me
I'm the man that you be takin too lightly~!
And not afraid to get filthy, you fail to recognize how they built me
'til the judge say "Corey Ben, not guilty"

Put your hands up {*3X*}
High, high, high, high, high

[CL Smooth]
Then comes the time when you can't fake it, you can not mistake it
CL'll hurt somethin, you ain't heard nothin
I can bang 'em out stuntin, or lay up in the cut
and pick the brains of some old heads on who got what
I need no introductions; if all I got is soldiers
in the street waitin for instructions - I'm pressin buttons
While my comeback is so climactic
It always keep them ladies on the track like it's Danica Patrick
Automatic the six-shooter, dependin on how dirty I do ya
We can go around ya or come through ya
Have no respect? Let 'em see me step to my biz
You know what it is, my broad say they just kids
but whatever - better get your little act together
Can't stand heat or crack under pressure
Here's the truth, when all I really show is the proof
It's why CL just come through and raise the roof - listen!


[CL Smooth]
Smoke in the air, guerillas in the mist
Same time you watch house money, dangle from my wrist
All I got is action and murder, and plots you can't solve
When it comes to family busines, you don't get involved
Haters say I'm chasin the past, say it won't last
But on the low you know they know I got the game on smash
Burn blocks down and post up, the most wanted
All I do is feel up straight dimes and peel hundreds
What a life huh? I'm set, now maintain the vet
Or catch a bad decision you will soon live to regret
Cause I'm not here to fit in, I'm here to get right in
This is a takeover, rap needs a makeover
A new President; the same time to your face
all who still (don't) know how to take it with intelligence
CL in the spot, the fans give it all they got
I start from the bottom and rise to the top - listen!