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Artist: CL Smooth
Album:  American Me
Song:   The Stroll
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhh, C-L Smooth
The Mecca Don, uhh

[CL Smooth]
Fresh off the plane, spliff rolled, bags trunked
Couple broads in back, what's that? Slam dunk
Five deep in the port, Smooth in the middle car
And we take no checks, overstand me so far?
Speedin all through Ochi, guap kept closely
A little town called Priory, mark it in your diary
I'm hard with Ram Dog, the late great Willie
Wanna know what the chin is brewin, lightin my Cuba
Once my slippers is touchin sand, soakin up a tan
The only position I'm holdin, is chain of command
and that's word to Juggy Zoot, this is not a fluke
On the strength keep dancin BoBo this is my salute
Party with Dons like Theroy Fowls, keep your head up king
And that's from me to you the real thing
Paper trail on a global scale, mind soul and body
like Claudy Massive and Bob Marley

Just like they do, that cling to dough
I'll cling to you my love - that's the island
I can't erase, the memories
of things we used to do - do it big
You remind me of, the golden sun
that shines after the storm - for my ladies
Oh how we used, to plan the life
and dream land for a stroll

[CL Smooth]
Said it was written he who judge cast the first stone
I'm back home, the Milk River heals my bone
Ride to Tiamet in my Circe, dumpling and skinfish early
Sour sap juice mixed with nutriment and Guinness
Been about my business, me and Dog leave the country
Headed for town, where at night you don't stop at a red light
You get rushed, get your throat cut - think not~?
When most times you can't find me in a tourist spot
I'm in Waterhouse, eating porterhouse
Where them mothers all biddin for they daughter's hand
I'm crackin lobsters worth 20 grand, why they can't take my crown
I'm into classic Sunday nights, Ray Town
We're the one to chase down, next day, all new faces
How I sponsor soccer matches and car races
Just the pioneer of the music, show you how it moves me
The second coming of Jack Ruby


[CL Smooth]
I wear it like mosquito repellant, tokin that A-grade bud
Where all they love to taste is foreign blood
Under palm trees with no concern how my third world turn
In all my walkways, torches burn
In the hills of Hollywood, overlooking Kingston
To sacrifice for the people from this view sink in
To climb that mountain, stay countin with a stack
Move on a gift wrap, sold it to 'em rob it back
Laid up at a Ritz-Carlton
See them big Dons come check me and oldfoots connect me
Like the Knights of the Round Table, Black Heart's the label
I'm just the hand that rocks the cradle
Straight up plate, beachfront, cameras on the gate
Just to deal it, no way, smuggle it? Can't wait
I told you once, I told you twice, the ultimate price
is what dips my shotties to paradise

[Outro: repeat 2X]
I pray the stars, may safely keep
and watch you while you sleep - real talk
And day by day, the sun will shine
as you trot along the way (rewind)