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Artist: Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth
Album:  Lots of Lovin 12"
Song:   Lots of Lovin (Remix)
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[Pete Rock]
Check it out, Lots of Lovin, Pete Rock, CL Smooth, on the remix tip
Check it out, come on

[CL Smooth]
What makes the world go round in your nightgown?
I know you're a sight I wanna see, so don't turn the lights down
You know I get all stiff when you kiss me
The heavy foreplay lets me know you're horny, baby
When your nipples get hard I wanna praise God
Thank Allah for just how dark you are
Call my cock "Sherlock" because I found Victoria's Secret
The holder of a hold it, now peep this
I want every kiss we share to be a French one
And after every orgasm call my name, hon
And tell me what you want so I can fulfill it
Taste the cream of life and don't spill it
Whether darker skin coolie or an Indian
If you're sick, the dixie L will be your medicine
When I'm in the penal tossing or bugging
Send me all the flicks cause I need lots of lovin

	Lots of lovin, lots of lovin, lots of lovin, baby
	Lots of lovin from me				  (Repeat 2x)

[CL Smooth]
Chocolate, what size you wear in a shoe?

[Pete Rock]
A thirteen, so you know I'm packing mean, the Boy Wonder's on the scene
So honey step to me if you want to grab the sticker
The Soul Brother's got it going on and much thicker
So slide to the side, hon, cause I'm a make it known
I need lots of love, on the strength, word is bond
So listen very close as I slam on the jam
The Pete Rock Mecca Don Smooth is the band
What's this with all the damn rumors that I hear?
I like light-skinned girls with chests out to here
(Now don't forget the long hair) People always talking
Why don't you shut your damn mouth and keep walking?
Cause you don't know the half, I love 'em how they come
Make sure you check the stats in my file before I'm done
It's time to get ghost, a bun in the oven
You're the one I'm thinking of with lots of lovin

	Lots of lovin, lots of lovin, lots of lovin, baby
	Lots of lovin from me				  (Repeat 2x)

[CL Smooth]
Take a bet on your money, ?army old at the federals?
Ring a bedspring, now you got a dollar on the mattress
Now feel the Mecca erupt as soon as you put your legs up
Babe you gotta be brave for me to be your love slave
Hot sex, next the friction got speed run
Neck and neck, you in effect, bag of weed for
The Wig Out, and let my balls tap your sugar walls
Like I'm sending a code saying "Yo Smooth is about to explode"
In your vagina, I work it like a surgeon
Butt naked version, many petitions on a virgin
You call me a bad man, I bend her like a beer can
Drank roots, knock boots, and the woman couldn't even stand
But I'm the love of your life, so give me respect, sister
Although she blow, know that I still kiss her
Hard and handy to tickle your fancy
To crews you're hopping young and blue just like an odd jammie
With an "uhh" in the projects or parlay in the condo
You wonder who's the mass maker, you forgot Tonto
But never forgot to hit the spot, the real bodyguarder
If it ain't good enough, I work harder
Carmel King with the Mecca Don swing
To make your panties sing "Ding a ling a ling"
CL Smooth to make a move with the smooching and the hugging
Cause women will need lots of lovin

	Lots of lovin, lots of lovin, lots of lovin, baby
	Lots of lovin from me				  (Repeat 8x)