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Artist: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
Album:  All Souled Out
Song:   The Creator

It's time to dip dive dip
You might break a hip
To the sound that's legit
I've come to make a hit
I usually bust scratches with my man, C.L. Smooth
But, I decided to get wreck on this groove
As I provide the slide
You're going on a ride
I know the weather's nice
There's no need to play the outside
Guess who's on the flyer
The man of your desire
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth all the honey-dips admire
Beats are rough and rugged
Pete Rock is the creator
Now I'm busting raps while switching cross-faders
Making sure my sound hits from here to Grenada
Honey gave me skins, man, I told her friends I ate her
But, wait up
I save this subject for later
But, it's time to catch wreck with the creator

I'm addicted like a stoag
Not into vogue
(Yo, Pete, there's a girl on the phone)
Tell her to hold 'cause I'm busy kickin' rhymes to the rhythm
Fortified with soul 'cause that's what I give 'em
Honeys form a line form a line 'cause I always seem to capure
Beats made of rupture
Rhymes made of rapture
Far from illiterate
Always seem to get a hit
If you try to step to this
Don't even consider it
Skins when I want 'em
But, only when I eat 'em
To set the record straight, I'll be damned if eat 'em
Call me Pete Rock
I make the girls flock
And if you want a beat like this, I got them in stock
So, flow with the flow
Because you know I'm good to go
As I proceed to get wreck on your stereo
Not an imitator
Just a crowd motivator
But, it's time to get wreck with the creator

Now, C.L. Smooth, cut it up like this

Now, I'm'a take a try
And get a piece of the pie
If they give me one sec
To get some wreck
Never filled with anger
A good body banger
If you try to step to this you'll get hung on my hanger
Before I say good-bye
Suckers gave a good try
But, point blank you just can't see this
My word is beneficial
Pete Rock is the issue
And I know you know my style is official
I might give a scratch
(Yes, cousin)
Or I might kick a verse
(No question)
Either one, I can't be seen
Honeys call me tall and lean
And if you want to stick around
I'll show you what I mean
Not an imitator
Just a crowd motivator
But, it's time to get wreck with the creator

It's time to get wreck with the creator
Get wreck with the creator
The creator

C.L. Smooth, get busy