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Artist: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
Album:  All Souled Out EP
Song:   All Souled Out
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[ Pete Rock ]
Here we go
One time to the head
Somethin like this

[ VERSE 1: C.L. Smooth ]
Make way for the C.L. wrath on phonograph
Knowin the half, cosy like a bubblebath
Never said to be strange when I break and rearrange
A weak sap that's small as chump change
In the pocanos playin dominos
Foes who rose caught a broken nose
'Who's the Boss?' Not Tony Danza
??? Lorne Greene on 'Bonanza'
'Unforgettable' as Nat King Cole
Rough like a rodeo, hangin like a scarecrow
I get busynism, pump the realism
And just for the teacher or tutor I quiz em
Bonafied to eat you like Frito Lays
You can't faze and roll like the craze
Cultivate the mind, train it to teach
To write a book like Edward ??Shaw Keats??
Motivate the crowd aloud to get a response
Catch the mood of ambiance
No Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey
???, played like a damn ukulele
Ahead of the class, so I break ya like glass
Have ya open like a surgery bypass
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth without a doubt
That's why we're all souled out

[ Pete Rock ]
Yeah (8X)

[ VERSE 2: C.L. Smooth ]
C.L.'ll get wreck in a millimeter sec
Kirk out, all hands on deck
Pick up the pen again, perp like ??Sanchor??
We're goin Warp Speed, raise the anchor
Rock a party so fly it's a sin
You bang on the door but you can't come in
So get a ???? like ??Rolo?? tomorrow
And if he turn snake just cut him like an avocado
Share the bread and wine like the Passover
Better luck than a four-leaf clover
C.L. Smooth'll kick a groove to a nation
Start from Genesis, end at Revelations
The tune immune and tap the fannies
Of Miss America and pick flavor panties
The man no type of woman avoids
Grab a microphone, blow it up like steroids
Enticin like lingerie
Had to lay Connie May just the other day
Explore like Magellan, shake like a gelatine
Can't be a felon, more seeds than a watermelon
When I raise like cattle for the battle
C.L. is prime time, go buy a raffle
A ticket when I kick it, clever like an ????
Masses and classes crisp and clear
I rock em, sock em ????
Pete Rock around the clock catchin wreck on the block
Playin more vocals than a Milli Vanilli
Shoot the gift with a spliff, but cousin, pass the philly
And let me get Brand Nubian, cold shake your booty and
Large like a ?????
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth without a doubt
That's why we're all souled out

[ VERSE 3: C.L. Smooth ]
Smooth like Fabian, hot as the Arabian
Some will try but can't solve the equation
Take em down to the city where the boys act illy
And the girls look pretty like a philly
Rock the nurses, a quick couple of verses
No one curses, a king being the merciless
Read the resume first and I bet em
Paralyzin, hard to trace like venom
????? diluted ????? strictly be chillin
To play a better show on screen than Jack Nicholson
Ed Lovett International cuts my hair
A pioneer run fear here to Delaware
I got a 'Monie in the middle' for a playmate
A Spinderella/Salt-n-Pepa lover that's great
The unchained melody, sing it like Sarah Vaughn
Your ass is grass cause I can mow the lawn
Not a tricky-dickey lover that's picky
But hard nitty-gritty when things get sticky
I wanna hold a hump back like a whale
But you're frail and don't weigh much on a scale
The Tango & Cash, dynamic duo
Figure the one done so you know
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth without a doubt
That's why we're all souled out