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Artist: Cold 187um (Big Hutch)
Album:  The Only Solution
Song:   Job Well Done
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[Verse 1]
See I'm a killer [I'm a killer], I don't work wit feelings
When it comes to hit my mark I move complete precision
Here's the mission [mission], I'm way out in the sticks
Contemplating y'all, How I'ma hit Father Ducket
[Fuck him] Yeah I'ma get Father Ducket
Uh, Cause when I tell em I can get the job done they can trust it
See I'ma lay low when I first hit the town
Check in the cheap mo-mo and peep out the surroundings
Hit the local bar there's only one in the city
[One in the city] Befriend this little waitress named Britney and put her down wit me
I knocked her down after a couple of ticks
And pillow talk'll be pertinent if you fucking the right bitch
Uh, She gave me the scoop on how Ducket is shady
How he playing foul using God robbing the congregation
A real motherfucking scumbag
And ain't nobody gon miss him when I cap his ass

[Chorus 2x]
You can run all you want to but you can't hide
I said I'm in for murder and I ain't lie
Nobody looking at it like a saint die
We carry on, We carry on

[Verse 2]
See I probably wouldn't have no problems wit Father Ducket
[Father Ducket] But he's so slimy and the money's so good it's like fuck it
[It's like fuck it] Got his clause in the collection plate
More than a few choir boys wit allegations of rape
Putting everything in the name of the holy
Somebody need to send him to hell cause he a phony
[Me!] This motherfucker giving me a vendetta
He gon understand when I hit him wit the beretta
[Woowee, Pow!] And since he got the church on lock
I gotta lay low and tip-toe and come up wit the intricate plot
So I chilled for a second and blended in
Said I wanted to turn my life around and join the congregation
After a while, I was deep in
[Deep in] Became a member and ordained a Deacon
Do what it takes to hit my mark
[Hit my mark] Cause I'm a born killer for rilla true to the heart

Chorus 2x

[Verse 3]
Now this is how a killer move slick and swift
[Slick and swift] I'm a head Deacon sitting right up in the pulpit
I'm chilling, Trying to get positioned
Waiting for the opportune moment so I can get him
Cause when ya close, You learn a lot of shit
[Lot of shit] His up's, His down's, His strength's, and His weaknesses
And usually, Motherfuckers think wit their dick
So I put a twist in the game and called my bitch Britney
Woo, She said she need spiritual guidance
[Guidance] And he the only one that can show her how to truly find it
He told her meet him at his private quarters at ten o clock 
[Woowee] And here begins the intricate plot
[Listen] Now Britney had this grimy motherfucker wide open
I stepped to him, Pulled the heat, And told her to get ghost
[Get ghost] I hit him once in the chest and laid him flat
The second one was to the dome cause the company requested that

Chorus 2x

So, How have you been since the last time I saw you?

[Cold 187um]
Well you know Doc, I've been good sometimes I feel like I overwork myself

Well maybe you should just get away for a while

[Cold 187um]
Ya think?

You've been through a lot

[Cold 187um]

Slow down

[Cold 187um]
Mmm hmm

Take some time for yourself. A vacation's always good