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Artist: Cold 187um (Big Hutch)
Album:  The Only Solution
Song:   Layin Low
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Welcome to Las Vegas 
It's a beautiful sunny day
If there's anything you else you need
Say anything at all
Your Ferrari's outside, Have a wonderful day

[Verse 1]
See the last hit I made caused a killer hella heat
[Hella heat] So I decided to lay low for a couple of weeks
See usually, I don't get no days off
I could be in the middle of fucking a bad bitch and still I'ma take the call
So all bets is off, Even though I'm out in Vegas throwing my dick a party
[Ok] Three the hard way, Three times the charm
I had a white one, a black one, a Puerto Rican
[Woowee!] Cot sweet I'm doin it big at the palms
Big chief's I'm freeing my mind in another zone
Ain't no question I'm a boss player
[Boss player] Ain't no question I do it big everytime I play Vegas
[Everytime I play Vegas] I ain't think of doin nothin but fuckin 
And fucking off some money, Keep the pussy and the drinks comin
I guess I'm tryin to escape it all
Cause sometimes even a killer needs some time off
Woo, Damn

I'm laying low, I drop the top on the whip then I cock my hat
I'm laying low, I'm pos and lean back cause I rock like that
I'm laying low, I don't know where this road lead me and don't care
I'm laying low, But don't think I forgot my gat

[Verse 2]
See I'm the motherfucking true flavor [flavor], True as I can be
I'm on the beach wit an exotic bitch chilling in Miami
[Chilling in Miami] Body's shaped like an hour glass 
[Woo] Super bad long hair big ass like Kim Kardashian
And you know a killer smashin
Knock the lining out the pussy in a gangsta fashion
Hit the club, Do it big all night
Bossed up like Scarface, Livin the high life
[Ha] Hit South Beach, Top down on the Spider
Killin em softly crawlin like a rider
Trick off this dough with this Creole bitch from N.O.
She stand about six-one when she steppin in stiletto's
I let the bitch earn a keep
[Earn ya keep] She ain't trippin I'm a killer, She an all-out freak
[All-out freak] Dog, Maybe I'm trying to escape it all
Cause sometimes even a killer needs some time off
Hey, Uh huh


[Verse 3]
See I'm tryin to stay focused and keep my head straight
But it's hard to do so I took a trip down to the A
[Ok] And everytime I touch down in the A
I shut it down for real and do it big my way
I probably cracked the baddest bitch in my life pure fire
Ass like Nicki Minaj, Titties like Mariah
And you can see the way she worked up on it
There was a no ?? for a stripper she would bring home the gold
See I can fall in love wit a town like this
It's laid back but still got the Hollywood twist
Sip drinks, Play the major spots
[Major spots] Fuck wit supermodels, Push classic drops
It's a hell of a place to just lay low in
So know for sho I'm comin back again wit friends
The next time I'm trying to escape it all
Cause sometimes even a killer needs some time off

Chorus 2x


Ah baby

[Phone rings]

[Cold 187um]
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Bitch, Hold on, Hold on
I gotta get this, I gotta get this
What up?

[Answering Machine]
Stand by for a message from the company

The location: New York City
The mark: Willie Broscoe of the Pherazano family
Big Rick will have all the information you need
Leave immediately

Murder, Mur mur
Murder, Mur mur
Mur mur