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Artist: Conejo
Album:  City of Angels
Song:   I Put it Down
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[Verse One]
C-o-n-e-j-o I'm deadly like snow
I go in for the kill high speed never slow
So you know I chop it up
Double up my feria, cause I doesn't give a fuck
You get stuck when my shank bone crushes
While broads wanna fling 12 rounds in the ring
Let's ride slide through the wicked wicked side
Reach for the heat and homie let them bullets fly
Take me to the feria got a hostage in the back
Extreme cold winds get your house ramsacked
by me myself, no other than I
Agent armageddon let the murders multiply
I'm the most paralyzing I'm like a blizzard
Anything you need make a wish I'm the wizard
of los counter clock wise
cyclone hurricane with direct distribution

I put it down to the ground
I put it down to the motherfuckin ground
I put it down to the ground
I put it down to the very last round

[Verse Two]
Dust to dust my steal never rust
That's why I'm shackled down on this L.A. county bus
High velocity dreams and sinister grins
In the eye of the storm in a city full of sin
Toxic doses that are so profound
Get a wake up call with extreme withdrawl
From dusk till dawn I build mine strong
I don't wanna be right if the barrio is wrong
Cause I gots the glock for the vatos on your block
So ese take cover if you don't wants to drop
I lock it down it keep the entourage heated
Mistakes not repeated all attempts were succeeded
Indeed, I got a story to tell
With the mini 14 for this west side tale
Intake the purest of them all
With a deadly combination cause I like them raw


[Verse Three]
Got my lady on my mind but babys looking fine
Shes throwing that shit at me thinking if I'ma go get mine
So I do its done got a get myself that issue
Usually I'd walked and not even miss you
Homie serio she must have had a hold
Must have been the way she strip
Must have been the way she rode
I don't know she got ese in a maze
In a white escalade like a venomus snake
I met her at the car show sports arena
Standing with her girls next to the el camino
Walked up to me and ran it down
Called her up that night cause I heard she get around
Round and round you no conejo put it down
Smack that ass homie never break it down
I'm in it to win from a distance ranging
And whenever I descend damage you'll be facing