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Artist: Crucial Conflict
Album:  Good Side Bad Side
Song:   Scummie
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You know it's time to get 'em on
no doubt about it we gettin' scummie
You know we get 'em up early but we got 'em scummie (2x)

Verse 1: Never

You know it's time to get 'em on, early in the morn'
leavin' 'em scummie, tried the ground's rollin' on
take it to the dome, lick 'em up like billy jumpin' passin' baby
I'm fired up, just got up, so what up, shoot'em up on the 8 flow
twenty if yo to the left, 6-8 I'm still fresh,
55 steez I turned express, in the motel, well again
problem son a fiend of Henn pump it up at the hang out
I'm about to begin
Scummie, mummie, I'm about to get my money,
Who got some on it, on the real I'm on, comes home with me
Trippin' out with my homies, just chillin' with Tenderonies
No question, we gots to get 'em on, no if's, and's, or what's about it
No Diggity, No Doubt it's a must and plus I'm just Bout It
Shoutin' Scummie, 1-2-3-4 Rodeo in the door kickin' Conflict
All in the lick for the dub see, world wide scumminess
Cause I know ya.....


Verse 2: Kilo

Kilo be scummie mayn, hustle grounds, wit' a Mack maintain
Wagon rollin', posse swolen, hustle keep that potent game
Blowin' thru that wild style punk in the trunk
Watch all the flict get, get swayed,
do ya thang, thang, movin' past it, keep drivin' me crazy
Try to phase me, please understand it
I was raised on cornbread and yams man
sick a, sick a country jams, nut graded pick is what I am
Gotta deal wit' it or kill it skillie
Bitch or no chasin', watch 'em fill it
So steal, you off your square playa, give it up
phone your spirit
You know how your hustle be on, like Perignon
Can't wait for the party to come around
Wanna get buck get up on the babysitter
Get the trucks for the tight ass and then
Gitty up (alright), all day (all nite), all across the nation
When it's on (take 5), we gone (outside)
Universal vacation, scummie that is


Verse 3: Cold Hard

What's it be like, cause I'm never rest to die, pack for real
Canibus smell up in my gear,
gimme Q-tips so I can clean my ear,
hear, (what I'm gonna say), what I'm gonna say you just might fear
Leave 'em in bitch said free this year
Everyone toss up Dubs a tear, appear
(to be nice), to be nice, the scummie live
We Gitty up hollar Flict, laughin' bout song that we did
(doodle-oooh), Who hoggin'?
Give me a squeeze
You know it's time to get'em on, early as it is
(Scummie!) Is what the playa's say
When they bendin' thru the keg
Got a head fo' any kinda hay
And wait can't Duoble Williams way, hey Randy
It don't matter, all them fine and dandy
Bend this block so I can stop at the barn and chief some from Sandy


Verse 4: Wild Style

Party over here, it's time to shower, the place dried up,
cause I just got paid, comin' thru the door where Johnny may,
in a bar criss cross Allisade, feelin' hip y'all known as gitty up
And throw my city, from the North to the South to the East to the West
Get scummie and the dope gon' tear it up
With the boldest crew bringin' down yo' roof
Still hollarin' that Flict
Make another brother ball up in a minute bring it to him
Steady runnin' thru ya crew, dumpin' up in 'em, in 'em
and break 'em off right quick
Any time right now, I'm tweaked to the beat
Fallin' asleep, up in the party meet, body heat
Tryin' to move my feet to the beat gitty up wit' a freak
Still know my P's and Q's, if you snooze ya lose
Wait a minute, what's up fool?
Slow down, before there be a Showdown
No disrespect but you brothas know the rules
It's cool, we could get our swerve on
Strokin' on, the illa of a killa
For real-a, when my ace go boom
Bump in a barn, hit 'em wit' a smoke alarm
No harm

Hook(to fade)