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Artist: The Coup
Album:  Genocide & Juice
Song:   Pimps (Free Stylin at the Fortune 500 Club)
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[Boots (as waiter)]
Fuck nah I ain't got no Grey Poupon

( *dinner conversation* )
Well anyway, I said, "That's no burglar, that's my butler!"
['David Rockefeller']
Mr Rockefeller, let me in on the gossip
I heard you and Mr Getty are getting into rap music or something
['David Rockefeller']
Yes, we have this thing we do with our voices 
We sing like authentic rappers
Oh David, you must do it for us
['David Rockefeller']
Well, if they can make this music more funky...
Let me see if I can get my voice like those rappers
( *clears throat* )
Here we
( *clears throat* )
Here we
( *clears throat* )

[Boots (as David Rockefeller)]
Here we go
Well if you're blind as Helen Keller
You could see I'm David Rockefeller
So much cash, up in my bathroom is a ready-teller
I'm outrageous, I work in stages like syphillis
But no need for prophylactics
I'ma up you on to me, no match; it
Ain't puff, but my green gots amino acid 
Keep my hoes in check, no rebellions if yo ass occur
Shit, it wouldn't be the first time I done made a massacre
Nigga please, how you figure these
Motherfuckerss like me got stocks, bonds and securities
No impurities, straight Anglo-Saxon
When my family got they sex on
Don't let me get my flex on
Do some gangsta shit, make the army go to war for Exxon
Long as the money flow I be makin dough
Welcome to my little pimp school
How you gon' beat me at this game, I made the rules
Flash a little cash, make you think you got class
But you're really sellin ass, and hoe, keep off my grass
Less you're cuttin it
See, I'm runnin shit
Trick, all y'all motherfuckerss is simps
I'm just a pimp

All the hoes that we shelter
(Fuck em up)

( *dinner conversation continued* )
That was so cute
Jean Paul, why don't you entertain us with something as well?
['Jean Paul Getty']
Well, what should I do?
Why don't you rap for us?
['Jean Paul Getty']
No-no-no, I, I...
['David Rockefeller']
Come on old boy, I did mine
It's so... tribal 
['Jean Paul Getty']
Well... very well 
Oh goody!
['Jean Paul Getty']
But hold my Martini
I have to do those hand gestures
We will begin at the commencement of the next measure

Now get ready, I'm J. P. Getty
I am tearin shit up like confetti
My money last longer than Eveready 
Ain't nothin petty about cash, I never lose 
This is just like the stroll, but the hoes don't choose
I chose you, no voodoo can hoo-do you 
From gettin treated like a piece of old boo-boo; who
Do you think want them niggas that don't turn tricks
The no-good hoe in '94 is getting 86-ed
And all about those rebellions, and riots, and mishaps
I got the po-po's for that daily pimp slap
That motherfuckin gangsta rollin Fleetwood Caddy
I'm that mack that's already pimped his daddy
Let you out like linoleum floors
I'm gettin rich off petroleum wars, controllin you whores
Makin you eat Top Ramen while I eat shrimp
Y'all motherfuckerss is simps, I'm just a pimp


( *dinner conversation continued* )
Oh no, here he comes...
['David Rockefeller']
Oh, don't look at him
['Donald Trump']
Are you fellows rapping?
I can do that reggie ah, or reggae type of thing, you know
1-2-3, and...
Well actually, we were just leaving

[ragga toaster]
Trump Trump, check out di cash in a-mi trunk
Trump Trump, check out di cash in a-mi trunk
I man Donald Trump me tell ya might have heard about me 
How mi last wife Ivana come and catch mi money
She want all, she want this, she wan fi ( ? )
X amount of ( ? ), hear me
Hol' up your hand if you love di money
Hol' up your hand if you love pickney
Gun pon mi side, mi a-fi kill somebody, see
Because di money inna mi trunk, dem wan fi come get, see


( *dinner conversation continued* )
['Donald Trump']
Well how did you like that then?
Well we really must be leaving...
['David Rockefeller]
Yes yes Donald, it was smashing to see you again
['Donald Trump']
Something I picked up in ( ? ) the Carribean
['David Rockefeller']
...yeah, yes I remember
['Donald Trump']
Why don't you stick around and I'll, I'll rap some more for you
['David Rockefeller']
Oh no no no...
I think I see Jackie there
Oh Jackie... Jackie
Ah, so gld to see you
Please please, pass the bubbly
Oh, this Trump is really such a bore...

Look here motherfuckerss, we takin all this motherfuckin shit
Yeah we want all that shit
You best come up off that coat...
We takin these