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Artist: The Coup
Album:  Pick a Bigger Weapon
Song:   Ass-Breath Killers
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Y-y-y-you've got ass breath!
{*scratched: "And now a word from our sponsor"*}
You've got ass breath! You've got ass breath!
You've got ass breath! {*"A word from our sponsor"*}

Some confuse ass-breath for strong halitosis
It's been hundreds of years since the first diagnosis
By the African doctor Mawangi Misoi
Known in the states as Mr. Thomas' boy
He found that preventing this affliction was lost
with the mention of the phrase, "Um yessir boss!"
When that phrase was uttered many stomachs would wrench
Some jumped in the Atlantic to escape the stench
He know that ass-breath came from kissin ass a lot
To be the boss's knight-in-armor like Lancelot
Doctor Misoi years later, before he was hanged
Developed pills with the taste, of lemon merengue
Made from ground gunpowder, of Haitian slaves
And swept from Seminoles who just wouldn't behave
He tested first on young Nat from the Turner plantation
Then sent a batch off to the French speakin nation
It should also be noted a bottle of it was found
in the clenched dead hand of the white John Brown
Everytime it went 'round new people would find it
They would take their essence, put it in and grind it
In Russia, Africa, Asia too
Mao Tse-Tung made the flavors new
In Cuba, the people make new shipments
of this pill that is on the FDA shit-list
That is not recommended, to take befo' dinner
When supervisin Presidents and such type sinners
Take this pill and say what you wish you said
It hardens backbones, they might wish you dead
And it's not to be confused with courage juice
Which we drank in chains and we still ain't loose
These pills really should be taken in groups
Cause ass-breath motherfuckers move with troops
MLK took half a pill, procrastinatin
Once he took a whole pill, they assassinate him
Take Ass-Breath Killers, to really get down
Wherever rocks, fire, and struggle are found

When it's time to speak up and you can't make a sound
Take the pills that'll make you kick the king in his crown
Take Ass-Breath Killers, to really get down
Wherever rocks, fire, and struggle are found

"Dr. Misoi's Ass-Breath Killers"
"You've got ass-breath" {*4X*}

The makers of Dr. Misoi's Ass-Breath Killers
are not responsible for corporate losses
or topplings of local regimes and/or governments

So you done took the pill, is it workin yet?
(Nah; man is yours workin yet?)
I think mine is about to start workin now
There it goes
"Hey what are you guys supposed to be doin?"