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Artist: The Coup
Album:  Dig It 12"
Song:   Fuck A Perm (extended version)
Typed by:, OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"Dayaam, look at baby's hair over there and shit!
 Damn big 1970's Jackson's afro and shit!"

Damn... motherfuckers, always bein like that
Apply three drips, rub softly with your fingertips
And even though you flipped, don't trip cause now you're, hip
And now you slick it, you grease it and you lick it
and you're lookin really wicked but your hair is now called good
You moisturize and texturize and relax-ize and civilize it
but yo I got a 'fro, so a bro's misunderstood
Kitchen in the back, give me dap I got a knapsack
Knick knack Patty's wack, cause in her mind it's firm
that straight is in and out is black
cause black went out with tenement shacks
but beauty is a natural fact so I say, "Fuck a perm!"

Let your hair down if you can't let it down
Lay it down on the seat beside you ain't nobody gonna steal it

Jackson 5 afro (x5)

Excuse but it moves me to just to ask the question where
Did we get this feeble fascination for straight hair?
My fro might scare and make brothers with perms squirm
Or get me into rocks with motherfuckers who got cocks
This nappy shit's on hit, I whip out my pick
I'm just about as freaky as an X-rated flick
Stay off my dick and I'll sit back as you get milked
By PCJ, waves and curls, and lustrous silk
So don't style your shit like Claire do
Cause it's your mind that's whipped, not your hairdo

Nappy haired brothers like myself
Will get a bald head and say...

Fuck it
I wrap a dread around your head and it'll make you choke
Won't hesitate to activate any perm and smoke
Don't call me a nigger I'm as big as see I know the commentary
Seeing that the term perm means temporary
Hairy to scare ya, curled at the top
See the hair that you wear it won't amazing rock
I'd rather have a nap sack or a dread instead
See I'm from the old school so I've got a bald head
Remember in the days when the biggest capper
Used to say you looked like an African booty-scratcher
I'm ripping it up just to let you see
That if it ain't natural then the shit ain't me

A Jackson 5 afro (x4)

Hey...fuck a perm