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Artist: The Coup
Album:  Sorry to Bother You
Song:   Land of 7 Billion Dances
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Shake it, yeah
We agitate it, yeah
We bump and break it, yeah
We fin' to take it
Hey now we gon' work it, yeah
We jam the circuit, yeah
We got the verdict, yeah
It's fuck they circus

[Boots Riley]
Electromagnetic with a bomb aesthetic
But we ain't breaded edit: got no credit
Listen real close to my phonetics
The monster is awoke and I hope you fed it
If this your first time here, raise your hand
If the police come, hide the contraband
We all leave in a box and a long sedan
How you want your name read by the anchorman?
Drop the hips; apocalypse
We hoein out here cuz they got the chips
Like "Put it anywhere, but not the lips!"
Takeover, let's plot the shit


[Boots Riley]
Shut 'em down, close the books
Them dudes in the boardroom, those is crooks
Take it to the street, bows and hooks
If you stop they money, they froze and shook
I'm a rap bandit muthafucker, dabnabit!
And we been backhanded all across the Atlantic
And we finna start static all across the damn planet
Make they ass crap granite while we change the mathematics
I guess you all wonder why I called this meeting
Paycheck cut can't stop the bleeding
Sharks are feeding, we ain't eating
No more pleading, time for stampeding