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Artist: The Coup
Album:  Sorry to Bother You
Song:   Violet
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[Boots Riley]
Under hesitant flicker of neon glow
Where the trash cans bloom and the needles grow
I wiped that shit off my mouth and I grabbed the dough
(and that's all y'all need to know)
Let the glitter of the burning debris bless me tonight
Is what I thought, and inhaled nicotine delight
Screams for my life- scripted by deal memos
From the back of a bullet-proof-steel limo
It ain't nothin in my life that's been real gentle
Til the day of your magnificent beer swindle
Told my story
You didn't look at my funny
And the kiss felt like you was payin me money

C'mon, holla at ya dog
C'mon, holla at ya dog
I must a missed yo call

[Boots Riley]
They said the sparkle in your eyes
Was just cuz of the daggers
If they wanted us to leave they was gon have to drag us
Skyscrapers crowded round to watch
As we laughed at the faulty perception of clocks
Every 43 bus stop on Foothill could testify
Your middle finger in the air was like blessin the sky
And the overpass
It shook like a overdose
And the rocks caught the holy ghost
And the wind made the chain-links sing falsetto
We made a promise we would never settle
Standin on a hydrant
You declared it a holiday
Against police and pimps we would have our way


[Boots Riley]
The room and that dude had layers of filth
We sprinted out with the cash and got higher than stilts
I wondered if the birds were flyin to somethin
Or flyin away, you said "both" and hit the E & the J
Now, the stars up there are for the few who use 'em
We karate'd down the block like the new solution
Street-level, eye-level, make your wish
You told me I could write a novel and make us rich
That's the last time I seen your crazy brown high-beams
I'm still in front of that buildin with the white screen
Stop through for a hot second, holla back
I don't even want my fifty dollars back