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Artist: The Coup f/ Das Racist, Killer Mike
Album:  Sorry to Bother You
Song:   WAVIP
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[Kool A.D. - Das Racist]
Yeah, you don't need to see ID
Kool A.D., Kool A.D., Kool A.D
That's me - what you mean the list over?
We don't get all our guests in, the shit over
Please understand what I'm saying
Rider ain't up to par, we ain't playing
Whole clique get in the club or we skating
Y'all gotta deal with everybody who came in
Already and paid and now they angry and sayin
All type of shit like "you played us" and you won't like that
So let's say just a couple of players on the ay-ay-ay list
The hey-player-man-yo-I-thought-this-was-the-bay list
The dog-you-a-hater-playboy-you-in-the-way list
The better-let-me-in-or-better-pray list
The chorused-me-up-just-the-other-day list
The like-why-not-today list

[Chorus: Boots Riley]
We're all V.I.P
I'm talking every motherfucker in my hood and me
I mean, we're all V.I.P., V.I.P., V.I.P

[Killer Mike]
I'm in the V.I.P. with the Bloods and the Crips
And the Stones and the GD's, everybody see me
I'm in the section with the niggaz that's bamma
Got dreads, gold teeth, talk real bad grammar
I'm over here with the welfare recipients
We ain't never paying, but we stay getting shit
I am with the people on the bottom, fella
We gonna riot, loot, rob 'til we rich as Rockefeller
We ruthless as a Carnegie
And we gon' bone thug 'til we get this shit in harmony
The one percent better learn to share the V.I.P.
Or we gon' nut up - everybody gon' D-I-E

[Boots Riley]
You know I'm balling soft, make my drink a Molotov
Call it crunk or call it off, swing it like a Tomahawk
Middle finger at the cops, brothers gonna get a spark
Bottle, pistol, or a rock; one day, we gon' call the shots
My flow, it sputters like they shut off my water
I got the sheriff after me for what I said 'bout Obama
My flag is red like a period, comma, I'm a piranha
Just like every one of y'all - let's take that shark to the slaughter
And we gotta be bouncing more than last month's rent check
Boss walking Wall Street with a pimp step
People of Whoville, we need to slit the Grinch neck
Low-paid prostitutes with no fishnets


[Heems - Das Racist]
We all V.I.P.
I'm pretty great, you should be like me
Be like her, be like him
I get my jeans at V.I.M.
I get my shirts at Jimmy Jazz
I have more shirts than Jimmy has
Yes, we all important
Yes, you should be supported
Yes, I'm getting bored with
All y'all noises, so discordant
It's Himanshu, Uncle Sam wants you
That's a bonsai tree, it's expensive
Put it down
Heema put it down, Heema put it down
When nobody around
Heema wear the crown
Heema wear a gown
Heema wear a shirt that say John Brown