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Artist: The Coup f/ Bhi Bhiman, Jolie Holland
Album:  Sorry to Bother You
Song:   We've Got a Lot to Teach You, Cassius Green
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[Boots Riley]
As the monster stood before his colleagues, he sang angelically
And wiped the blood off his fangs
The papers on the boardroom table were stained
From corpses
Piled on top of them slain
One monster yelled at me
"you've got the brains!"
And traced his claw along the table's woodgrain
It smelled like leather, Old Spice, and pain
His assistant, when yanked by choke-chain, explained

We've got a lot to teach you, Cassius Green
We've got a lot to teach you, Cassius Green

[Boots Riley]
The assistant crouched at the monster's feet proudly
In a puddle of urine and meat
The monsters all howled at the morning spreadsheet
Above cacophonous screams from below in the street
The gargoyles that guard the building weeped
I quietly calculated routes for retreat
One beast stuck his talons out as if to greet
And said, "Welcome to the good life, son. take a seat"


[Boots Riley]
The beast who was frothing between his tusks
Said, "They work it, we run it - they shouldn't fuss
The order of things is basically just"
I heard cheers from the creatures trapped in the air ducts
I told them to smother in their mountains of stuff
And headed to the elevator door in disgust
They said "You've forgotten, you're one of us"
I looked down at my tail, rattled it, and I cussed